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Common Questions and Answers

Is this a scam? How do I know its legit?

No, its not a scam and its 100% legitimate. We realize our site is a bit ‘humorous’ and we’re in the process of improving it. But we promise you we sell the best fake doctor’s notes on the Internet.


Our notes are modeled after real doctors notes, making us by far your best option outside of visiting a real doctor. If we ran an online scam our merchant account would be quickly shut down due to excessive chargebacks. We’ve been in business for over 4 years.


We also have large collection of real testimonials (customer reviews) on our website. Many businesses just make up fictional testimonials. That is illegal. Ours are legal and verifiable. We also have many more real testimonials available upon request.


We are the largest and most trusted source of doctor’s notes on the internet. If you do not believe us please leave this site and look around to see for yourself.

Is this website secure?

Yes. The order page is HTTPS with 128-bit encryption. It is hosted by on a secure server. We do not retain any credit card numbers as our processing is done by a secure third party. All of your private information is stored securely and we do not share it with anyone.

How does this work? I am confused.

Sorry to hear that you are confused.


It’s very simple — just fill in your credit card information and order the notes. Within a few minutes you will receive a link within your email. Click the link to go to our download page where you can open the notes.


Open the notes in your word processor such as MS Word (or Google Documents). Edit and print the notes and submit. You can also edit many of our notes directly on the website.

I just want one doctor's note, not 30.

We understand. But we made it our goal to sell our package of 30 high-quality notes for the price that other companies were selling one low-quality note for. The reason we give you 30 is so you can select the one you feel most confident with. You can also cut and paste from the notes to fit your needs.

Can I to see pictures / examples / samples of the notes?

We do have a photograph of SOME of our notes on our ‘our notes’ page and on the order form. However, we do not show close-up pictures of our notes for two reasons:

1.) We do not want people copying the notes that we took so long to research and develop.

2.) Many purchasers have requested that we do not show close up pictures the notes on the Internet. They do not want their notes they are using to be publicly visible.

Do these doctor's notes really work?

Yes – they work. They are modeled exactly after real doctor’s notes. They work in any state in the US, Canada and in some parts of Europe (Ireland and Great Britain). Our notes are the best option you have on the Internet. You also get a 365-day money-back guarantee.

Do I have the sign the notes myself?

Yes. However, we do have a signed notes option that is available after you order.

I bought the notes a while ago and I lost my link, can you send them to me again?

Yes we can do this for you. Email us at

Are the doctor's notes blank?

Yes. Depending on the note you choose, you may fill in information by hand or type it in. It really depends on which note you choose to use.

What if someone calls back on the note?

We have a call back verification feature that enables you to set up a number (in your area code) with an automated voice messaging system. You will then be able to upload pre-made MP3 files  that will sound like an authentic hospital, clinic, or even a doctor’s answering machine. Further explanation is provided within the product download area.  Also, due to HIPAA laws, there are very few questions that an individual can ask when calling back on a note.

Can I access the notes from anywhere?

Yes the notes are sent to your email so you can re-open the download link from anywhere.

What all do I get?

Please review our main (home) page and also the order page.  Our product is explained very thoroughly.  You get 30-40 doctor’s notes (we’ve honestly lost count) plus some bonus goodies.

How long will it take to get the notes?

The access links to the notes will be delivered to your email within 5 minutes. You can then open them up from any computer. If for some reason they are not delivered to you, email us and we will get them to you as soon as we possibly can.

How customizable are the notes?

You can edit the physician’s name and the phone numbers, along with other information on the notes. You can also delete and switch out the graphics.

What if my professor / boss has seen this site?

Chances are they have not. We do not advertise outside of our very-targeted audience, which is to people already searching for doctors notes online.

I need a note for {insert reason here}, do you have it?

Please visit our main page to see all the notes that we have available. Our notes can be tailored to fit any medical need. They are fully customizable but sometime a tad of creativity is required.

Will I be billed multiple times? Is it a one time charge?

No you will not be billed multiple times. By default, its a one-time charge.

However, if you chose to part of our VIP package (by clicking the check box at the bottom of the order form) you will be charged 4.97 per month for continuous access to the notes. This is totally optional however.

Is this legal? / Why isn't this site banned?

We provide novelty doctor’s notes with fictitious names and fictitious institutions. Mimicking real medical institutions and medical professionals is likely illegal. We do not do this. However, please check with your local laws.

Which note is the best one to use?

That is up to you to decide. You have to look through them all and find which one you’re most comfortable with. That is why we offer a large selection of notes — because we know its an important decision.

How can I print my note?

If you’ve ever printed from a word processor you can print our doctor’s notes.  You just open them up and print them. They are in color but printing them in black and white will not decrease the believably as many notes are simply printed on office black-and-white laser printers. If you do not have a printer at home we highly recommend a print shop or library.

Can I pay a different way?

We prefer credit cards, but If you do not have one and want to pay a different way (such as a check in the mail, cash, etc.), please contact us and we will try to see what we can do for you. We cannot take bank routing numbers.

Do you have a phone number?

We do but its for billing use only. We do not take orders over the phone, sorry. If you have any questions please email us at

Why won't it take my credit card? I keep getting declined!

Email us at and we will see if we can enter it manually. This often works.

Do the notes need special paper?

No. We’ve seen dozens and dozens of doctors notes and they are always printed in regular paper. Printing them from a ink jet or laserjet printer works perfectly.

A week only? What does that mean?

After a week your access link to the download page will expire.

How much is the total price?

We change our prices often — so please simply look at the bottom of the order form. Its highlighted in yellow.

Can I use the notes in my state? Can I change the time and date?

Yes the notes are usable in any state and are editable with your word processor.

What format are the notes in?

The notes are in MS Word format. They can be opened with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or OpenOffice… and likely many other programs. However, they are tested to work in Microsoft Word.

UPDATE: We now also have the forms in editable HTML. You can simply edit them directly on the site.

How quickly do I get the notes?

The download link to the notes should be available to you within 5-10 minutes of ordering.

Do I edit the notes by hand?

For the most part you edit the notes within your word processor. However, some elements on the notes require printing and filling in by hand.

Do you have signed notes?

Yes we have an upgrade option that will allow you to get our notes signed. They print perfectly.  When you purchase this you get the collection of unsigned notes AND signed notes.

What will this say on my bank statement?

Your credit card statement will say: DOCTORS NOTE