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Why You Shouldn't Download a Free Fake Doctor's Note

Most days of the year, you can go to work and complete your daily tasks as required. You may be a great employee who is a true asset to your company, but there are times when you simply don't want to go to work. The legitimate reasons that most employers accept for not being in the office at the scheduled time relate to verifiable sickness or injury. Many employers believe that your sickness or injury is only valid as a reason to miss work if it is serious enough to visit the doctor. However, you may need to deal with personal matters that simply cannot wait. Perhaps you need a day to rest and relax because you are too stressed about life. There are many reasons why you may not want head to into work on a given day, but you need to have a verifiable excuse.

Getting a Free Fake Doctor's Note

When you miss work for a non-medical reason, you may think about creating your own excuse. Some individuals will attempt to download a medical office's logo to create their own fake letterhead. This can take a considerable amount of time and effort, and the end result may not be as stellar as you might think it will be. Other people will download a free fake doctor's note online. These are usually printable note options that are available through select websites. With some notes, you may be able to add text to them before you print them, such as the date and your name. With others, you may have to hand-write this information onto the doctor's note.

The Problem With Using Free Fake Doctor's Notes
There are numerous problems associated with using a free doctor's notes. These are often issues that your human resources professional or manager may spot quickly, and if your excuse is believed to be illegitimate, you may find yourself in hot water at work. Some of the more common problems associated with using these free fake doctors note include:

  • Medical centers or doctor's offices that are not located in the vicinity
  • Fake addresses
  • Fake doctor's names
  • No place to insert the number of treatment days or the date when you can return to work

In addition to these common issues with free fake doctor's notes, some people will also fill in the notes with their own handwriting. The human resources professional or manager may be familiar with your handwriting, or he or she may simply ask for a sample of your handwriting. By doing so, he or she can easily determine that you filled out your own note.

What You Can Do to Get a Better Doctor's Note
There are a few different steps you can take to obtain the verifiable excuse that you need. Some people will indeed visit the doctor with a fake illness. For example, they may complain that they have been nauseous for a few days or that they have severe headaches. Faking symptoms to a medical professional is not ideal, and this becomes a part of your permanent medical record. It could impact how a doctor treats you for future medical conditions. For example, if you visit the doctor in a few weeks with real symptoms, the doctor may need to include the previous symptoms you complained about when determining a diagnosis. Another idea is to use a better website to generate an excuse.

How to Find the Best Website to Use
The last thing that you want to do is to use an excuse that does not appear to be legitimate. It can be damaging to your career to skip work for an unexcused reason, and it can be even more damaging for your employer to determine that you lied about the reason and tried to cover it up. When your actual reason for not working would be accepted, you need to find a better solution. You need a letter or note that will appear to be legitimate in every way. Creating your own letter is not the best idea because your efforts may not appear to be legitimate and may take up too much of your time. Finding the best website to use for an excuse or note is important, and you can most easily accomplish this when you look for a few important factors:

  • An extensive range of letters available to choose from
  • Letters that allow you to add text before printing them, such as your name and the current date
  • Numerous consumer reviews
  • A money-back guarantee

In addition to the website or provider having these features, the letters themselves will have specific features that you may look for. These include:

  • A medical office logo
  • An address
  • Space to write how many days you will be gone
  • Space to write the date of treatment

These are the main factors that you should consider looking for when you want to download a doctor excuse template and give to your employer.

Not every website that provides you with a medical excuse for missing work will provide you with quality options to use. When you use a letter that will not appear to be legitimate, it actually is better to not use a letter at all. And you should avoid free fake doctor's notes. With this in mind, it is worthwhile to spend a few minutes exploring all of the options more carefully before you make your decision about which website to use to generate an excuse to give to your employer.

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