A Fill-in-the-Blank Dr. Excuse is a Big Mistake

Simple Isn’t Always Better

A resource that people sometimes turn to in order to get out of work is the free fill-in-the-blank doctor’s note. A fill-in-the-blank note is just a generic word processed note and you have to fill in some details like your name, the date and how much time off you need. This may seem like a simple solution to your problem. You might think you won’t have to worry about a dodgy looking official doctors note, and that a simple written ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ note is the safer option. However, these could be faked by anyone so why should your employer believe it? Sometimes simple isn’t always better, and the easier it is to fake, the harder it is to believe.

Don’t Settle For Poorly Researched Notes

Notes like these may claim to have a doctors stamp or other form of verification. Maybe you can download a medical logo and you think the finished product will look fairly plausible. However, the chances are your employer has seen sick notes before. Anything that looks a little off can start to ring alarm bells. If it is not a full and genuine looking doctor’s note then your employer is far more likely to question its authenticity. These free notes are poorly researched and do not have the authentic look that will allow you to hand it to your employer with confidence. We invest a great deal of time researching and checking every little detail of our notes to ensure they look as authentic as possible. When it comes to your career, it is not worth taking a risk with a questionable fill-in-the-blank note.

Don’t Let Your Handwriting Catch You Out

Another problem with notes like these is that the blank spaces must filled out with your handwriting. Unless you ask someone else to fill in the note for you then there is a very high chance that your handwriting may be recognized. Your employer could also ask for a handwriting sample if he or she is suspicious. Even if you think that you can change your handwriting, there tends to be identifying features that can catch you out. This is not a risk that I would advise you take, as you could end up jeopardizing your career. Our forms don’t require you to fill them out with your own handwriting. Everything is edited on you computer and printed off, so no writing is required. The only thing you will have to add after printing is a signature. However, if you are not comfortable with this then we can provide a signed note service after you order. This still looks highly realistic, with no detectable pixellation of the signature.

Nitesh Singh, M.D. is a senior Anesthesiology resident in PSRI hospital, New Delhi, India. Nitesh is the expert authority in doctor’s notes and has been a staff writer at bestfakedoctorsnotes.net for over ten years.  You can learn more about him by visiting his social profiles here: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+