The daily grind can really wear us down. Going to the same job day in and day out isn’t fun or interesting. Sure, there are people who luck out and get a job that they love doing, but for the rest of us, the workday is nothing more than a burden.

That is why so many people are trying to get notes or written excuses from a doctor in order to get out of work for a day or a week. There’s nothing wrong with taking the occasional mental health day, and in fact it can make you a better worker to have some time off to relax and recuperate.

But you have to be careful about using printable fake doctors notes free of charge. They seem like a great idea, but in reality they turn out to be useless at best and dangerous at worst. In this post, we’ll lay out exact why you need to be careful of these fake and free offers and why it makes sense to pay a little money to get a better quality product.

The Power of Time Off
First of all, you have to get over your guilt about getting time off. You aren’t a slave to your employer, so they don’t own your every waking hour. You have the freedom to do what you can in order to ensure that you perform your job well and that you maintain your own health and happiness.

Sometimes, that means you need to take an extra day or so off work. There’s nothing wrong with that: it’s just a natural part of the way things work. Your employer recognizes that as much as you do. They aren’t interested in working you to the bone, because from their perspective, a happier and more engaged worker is a better worker.

On your end, you get to enjoy some time away from the job to pursue your own hobbies and interests or just relax. Don’t underestimate how much good this can do for your mental health. It’s the same reason you feel refreshed after a vacation. Remember, it’s you that comes first. You don’t owe your boss anything- your job is purely a business transaction.

Why Free Notes Don’t Work
It’s true that there are a lot of sites that offer printable fake doctors notes free to anyone who visits the site. But that doesn’t mean they are a good choice. On the contrary, these can actually get you in a lot of trouble in the worst case scenario. Here’s how.

There are a lot of things on a real note that take some time and effort to duplicate. For example, a real doctor’s office will likely have its own special watermark or branding logo. Any official communication from a doctor without a similar indicator will appear fake. Even worse, some freebies have bad logos. A logo that is not convincing is even worse than none at all, because it attracts extra attention.

In addition, the signature and the body of the excuse frequently do not match or look fake. That is another big tipoff. Normally, bosses will accept a note from a doctor’s office without thinking about it, but if they see something that looks odd or fake, they will examine it more closely and possibly discover the truth.

If your boss gets proof that you have bent the rules to get out of work, he or she will not be happy. While they understand that lots of workers try to do this, if they have documented evidence of a fake, then they have no choice but to act on it- you have forced their hand.

This could be anything from a reprimand up to a firing, depending on the job, how long you have been there, and your relationship with the boss. You don’t want to put this up to chance when the consequences can be so dire.

Pay For Quality
The bottom line is that a free version just does not have the same quality as a paid note. The creators of free ones likely do not put in the time and effort to make it look real. In fact, they probably copied it poorly from someone else, so it’s not even an original creation.

A paid site will ensure that their notes stand up to scrutiny and will provide a cash-back guarantee. That way, if it doesn’t work you still essentially got it for free. You only need to pay if it works properly as intended. By then, you are enjoying your day off and are safe and sound.

Nitesh Singh, M.D. is a senior Anesthesiology resident in PSRI hospital, New Delhi, India. Nitesh is the expert authority in doctor’s notes and has been a staff writer at for over ten years.  You can learn more about him by visiting his social profiles here: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+