Utilizing Abortion Paperwork to Skip School

When you need to take a few days off of school, you don’t need to put as much effort into an excuse as you think you might. However, keep in mind that there are some excuse methods that work much better than others. Asking for time off might fly at work, but the idea has no legs for school. Not only this, but if you skip school even once without a valid excuse, there could be serious consequences to your record.

How to Take Time Off School

Most people get infected with an illness from time to time, but so too does the need to take a few days off to relax. Students rarely get this time off when they need it, and someone who was out for being “sick” has to present a doctor’s note to prove such when they return to school. Essentially, this note says the student is able to return to school after recovering.

The truth is, that’s an expensive method. Imagine the costs in both time and money to make an appointment, attend to it, speak with a doctor for five minutes and getting a note. Three hours of your life and over $100 has now gone toward this impromptu vacation.

Surely there’s a better way to achieve the same result.

Why Doctor Notes Can Help

One of the most efficient ways to get time off with almost no questions asked is to present abortion paperwork to the teacher.

It should go without saying that abortions are an unpleasant experience, to put it lightly. After a traumatic event, the patient is going to feel weak and tired for up to a week as well as possibly emotionally drained for an indeterminate period of time.

Most people are perfectly aware just how traumatizing the experience is. Provided the documents look as realistic as possible, nobody should ask any further questions about the matter. Of course, this does mean you’ll need to do your best to ensure the abortion paperwork looks as legitimate as it can be.

Acting a Role

If using abortion documents, then it’s important to make sure you look fitting for the role. This doesn’t mean wearing a false pregnancy bulge or similar signs of pregnancy; because there is a limit for when someone may safely get an abortion, there simply wouldn’t be enough time for the stomach to begin showing.

It does, however, mean that you’ll need to try something else. Attempting to fake the physical side effects is similar to pretending to have a cold, especially since many do become ill after the process. You might even want to apply darker makeup to the eyes to give a more enhanced appearance of illness when submitting the note.

How to Succeed With Fake Notes

Regardless for the reason you’ve decided to use an excuse note for school, it’s extremely important to know how to successfully use them without arousing suspicion. If used responsibly, then you shouldn’t suffer any consequences to your student record. In all, it means adhering to these two basic rules:

Don’t overuse the notes: This is especially true with something as taxing as an abortion. While there’s nothing wrong with excusing yourself from school when you truly need the time off, you must apply logic. If you’re bringing abortion paperwork to school every few months, a red flag will raise for the teachers.

Bring supportive documentation: Sometimes, the teacher won’t accept just one document. Adding other documents such as receipts for visits to the doctor can improve the legitimacy of the paperwork. Since you won’t be going to the doctor on the day off, you can also get fake medical receipts. Just be sure not to oversupply this either.  You might want to read our homepage here.

Picking Professional Notes

After going through an abortion, the patient receives the standard fare of medical documents, among which include the services that were rendered. The papers will not have a title with the word in them. Legitimate notes look professional, and a quality fake note will as well. It’s possible to customize the fine details of your notes, but be sure not to add too much suspicious detail.

Additional Preparation

If you’re in need of taking some time off of school, it’s possible to use faked papers to take a few days off. Be sure to take care in how you choose these papers and plan as far in advance as possible.

For example, if you’re anticipating needing such paperwork in the future, you could start showing “signs” of pregnancy like fatigue or cravings prior to the time off. Play out all of the symptoms someone might experience in pregnancy. In fact, you might even go as far as to tell a classmate or two you think you could be pregnant. It’s not a joking manner, but if others can back up your expressed concerns, it’ll make the abortion note appear more legitimate.


There are a number of consequences that a student can face if it’s revealed the notes were falsified. Under certain circumstances and locations, it could qualify as deception or forgery, which has its own sets of repercussions. However, if you prepare as far in advance as possible and select a doctor’s note that looks as legitimate as possible along with some basic supplementary documentation, you should not face any difficulties.  You can also read our tutorial on doctor’s notes.  You might also want to check out this page as it talks about using a pregnancy release form.