There are secrets to using a doctor’s note for school successfully if you want to take the day off and not get into trouble. You’ll need to explain your absence with forms that will look legit. There’s nothing worse than paying for that free day with a suspension or worse. A medical excuse is the best, legitimate way to return to school without getting into trouble, but nobody wants to spend the day at the Dr.

Five Secrets for Getting a Doctor’s Note for School

How to Get a Doctor’s Note for School & Make it Believable

Before taking time out from school, make sure that the excuse you’re using is a believable one. Principals are in tune with the weather. They know when it’s beautiful outside that students will try A doctor's note for schoolto skip school. The timing of your day off should not coincide with the first warm day of the year. Instead, take a day off that is believable. If there’s been a rash of flu-like symptoms around school, that’s the perfect time to use your note template. With so many students out of school, nobody will look at your form  twice.

  • Don’t be absent on the first nice day of the year.
  • Wait for a rash of sickness in school.
  • Ensure you have a believable doctor excuse form.

Don’t Return with a Tan

If you’re home with the flu, don’t make the mistake of returning with a tan. There’s no way to explain a tan when you were in bed with a sickness. A medical note won’t help you. The same is true of other excuses. If you sprain your ankle, ensure that you have it wrapped correctly. Don’t claim to have broken your leg if you don’t have a cast handy. The excuse needs to be supported with the correct props. The story has to make sense.

  • Use a bandage with a sprained ankle.
  • Have crutches for a broken leg.
  • Think about the props your excuse needs, or make it simpler.

Stay Away from Grammar Mistakes

With a great template, you’ll have a printable note without grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. A doctor goes to school for years above high school. Nobody will believe that your doctor doesn’t know how to spell. A legitimate form will have proper punctuation and spelling. This is especially true for medical jargon. Don’t download forms that have a misspelled diagnosis.

  • Avoid spelling mistakes.
  • Know what your specific illness is exactly, or don’t use it.

Never Use an Altered Note

It’s tempting to use an altered note from a real doctor. You might have a family member who doesn’t need their note, or you can alter the one they plan to use. An altered note can get you into more trouble than its worth. You’re committing fraud, and it’s illegal. Altering a real medical form can cause a lot more trouble than just missing a day from school to hang out with your friends. Instead, you should download a proper note that cannot get you into legal trouble.

Use Quality Forms

Too bad Ferris never had the internet to download a school excuse.

The best secret for using doctors notes for school is to use a quality form. The form should be modeled after a real note, so that it looks legit. A hospital release form should look different from a dentist’s note. There should be watermarks, stamps and logos that support the exact excuse. In some cases, a generic letter is better than a note written on a prescription pad. It depends on the type of form and excuse needed.

  • Use quality forms for the right scenario.
  • The form should look like a real note from the right source.

The biggest secret of the fake note is to believe it yourself when you present the note. Don’t overdo the lie, but make sure you’re being believable. Don’t feel guilty or overdo the excuses when presenting the note. Do not volunteer extra information. It’s best to present the note and be confident. A quality note will help ensure that you’re feeling confident when presenting the form to the school’s office.  If you need a dr. note, you can read more on our homepage.