lazy-person-1024x576I have used a return to work letter from a doctor many times. It has saved me from a lot of trouble. Want to know what the secret is? Read on, laugh and learn.

Using a Fake Doctor’s Note

As you may have guessed, my note from my doctor wasn’t exactly real. Well, the note certainly was real, but the doctor wasn’t! That’s right, when I use a fake doctor’s note, I get free sick days at work.

We’ve all done the thing where we call first thing in the morning and pretend to have a stomach virus or a cold or flu — or any one of the few basic ailments that are easy to fake but start to get repetitive. Are you afraid that one day the jig will be up? Think that you will be questioned about your sickness when you return to work? Well, step ahead of the game and bring a letter from a doctor when you return to work. It’s always better to bring the fake doctor’s note in to your boss before they ever ask for one. Or to have access to them on hand so you’re not flummoxed when requested.

Return to work letters from a doctor’s office are the key to cover up your bad acting and poor improvisation skills. Trust me on this one, as I got docked a day of pay and sent to the HR manager for getting busted by not using a doctor’s note to get out of a day or work by fraudulently using a sick day. (Read more about a work excuse letter.)

Do you know how horrible spending your morning in a three-hour seminar with the human resources department is? The watered down coffee (more like hot brown water. Actually, more like lukewarm brown water) could not keep me awake watching videos from 1982 about how being a time thief is just like being a regular thief. And the hair and clothes in that video, if I thought they were bad and distracting they were nothing compared to the HR staff themselves. Talk about being out of touch.

To be honest, losing the day’s pay was not the worst part of it. Even though that’s the reason I used a sick day to get out of going to work just because I didn’t feel like it. But to have a meeting with my supervisor where I was questioned about being sick the day before and asked if I could verify it with any details was embarrassing. It felt like i was being dressed down like I was a teenager getting busted by my parents. It was horrible. And then having everyone else in my workplace know about it, because I was obviously out half of the next day for that seminar was just as bad. Now people knew that that maybe they could not trust me, thinking I was unreliable and was likely looking for ways to get out of doing work.

Now that I work in a place I know I am never again going to let anything like my previous experience happen to me again. Of course, if I still feel like I really need it I will call out and use a sick day or at least exaggerate a little bit if I feel it is called for. But I will always make sure to come back the next day with a return to work letter from a doctor. The secret will just be that it’s a fake doctor’s note template I bought, not a real one. To learn more visit our home page at You also might want to read this.

Nitesh Singh, M.D. is a senior Anesthesiology resident in PSRI hospital, New Delhi, India. Nitesh is the expert authority in doctor’s notes and has been a staff writer at for over ten years.  You can learn more about him by visiting his social profiles here: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+