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We are so confident with our product that we back it with three iron-clad guarantees...

Our 'No-Questions Asked' Guarantee

seal2WHEN YOU PURCHASE OUR DOCTOR’S NOTES, YOU ARE PROTECTED BY OUR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If our product does not perform exactly the way in which we have described it to you, just simply contact us within the trial period and we will immediately give you a prompt refund of your purchase with absolutely no questions asked.

You simply need to email us your name and order date and we will do our best to refund you as quickly as possible.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Our 'Amazing $100' Guarantee

takemehomeWe are so confident in the quality of our notes that we are willing to give you $100 dollars for any note you produce or provide to us that looks more realistic than the best of our collection.

Our notes are the most realistic on the internet. We want to keep things that way. So if you can help us out, we’ll help you out.

All notes we purchase will be used for inspiration for future notes that we add to our collections.

As of Thursday, Feb 26th, 2018, we’ve awarded 3 customers for submitting spectacular notes.

Our 'Keep Our Product' Guarantee

presentRefund requests for our products are extremely rare.

However, if for any reason you are unsatisfied with our doctor’s note collection, we are willing to let you keep the product, after giving you a refund.

This is our gift to you for giving us a chance and trying out our notes.

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Frequently Asked Doctor Note Questions

Can I use a free doctor's note that I've found on the internet? +

You certainly can do this... If you want to get into serious trouble.  Everyone attempts to use those low-quality free notes, and everyone who receives them has seen then many times before. Do not risk it. 

They are also made my "template" sites that are designed to rank well in Google. They were are simply documents that were made up by web designers. Please do not trust them. Real doctor's notes have many other elements that make them believable, such as barcodes, watermarks, and other graphics.

Why should I choose you guys? +

We are the very best provider you can possibly find, by far.  There are many free notes online that lack the details that are seen in real doctor's notes. Everyone attempts to use these notes, and everyone who does gets into trouble. Don't do it.

There is another provider who claims to have a great note, but they charge $10 for a single note and it looks like something that was made from a free site.  It doesn't have any of the details that are seen on real doctor's notes.

Our products have been proven to work on over five news stations.  In fact, in many cases it our notes were more convincing than real doctor's notes.  Don't believe us? Watch the news clips on our press page.

Feel free to use another provider, such as a free or paid site.  Come back to us after you've lost your money and your job. :)

Lastly, we stand by our promise to pay $100 to anyone who can find a better note than our best note.

Do your doctor's excuses actually work? +

Yes. Absolutely. They have been tested and proven to work thousands of times. Please take a moment listen each and every one of our testimonials. Most of these testimonials were created before we dramatically improved our product in March of 2018. If you want to listen to more testimonials, please contact us.

Please also check out our press page where news stations show the notes being tested.

I just want one fake note, not 30. +

We understand. However, we've made it our goal to sell our package of over 30 high-quality doctor's excuses for the price that other companies were selling one low-quality note for. The reason we give you a large selection of notes is so you can select the one you feel most confident with.

You can also cut and paste elements from the notes to create your own super custom note.

Is this a scam? How do I know its legit? +

No, its not a scam. Our site and products are 100% legitimate. We realize our site is a bit 'humorous' and we're in the process of improving it. But we promise you we sell the best fake doctor's notes on the Internet. Our notes are modeled after real doctors notes, making us by far your best option outside of visiting a real doctor.

Here's why we could not be a scam:

  • We have an approved merchant account. Getting approved for a merchant account is a long process. They view your product, your credit history, your personal history, and more. Scammers do not get merchant accounts.We have been approved for a merchant account by Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Visa. They would never approve of us if we didn't proove to them that we were an ethical company selling a legitimate product.
  • We have a clean record. If we receive over a 1% chargeback ratio (1/100 people report we've not provided a valid product), we would lose our merchant account and we'd never be able to get one again.
  • We've stood the test of time. We've successfully been providing doctor's notes for over 5 years. Businesses that are scamming people do not last long. They must constantly change hosts, providers, merchant accounts, and server locations. For the price we charge for this product, it wouldn’t even be worth it if we chose to scam you. Here is proof (of our website's age) by using a domain age checking tool. (Please enter bestfakedoctornotes.com to check the age. Please note as of 10-19-13, we have changed our name to bestfakedoctorsnotes.net for better search engine visibility.)
  • We have real testimonials. We also have large collection of real testimonials (customer reviews) on our
    website. Many businesses just make up fictional testimonials. That is illegal. Ours are legal and verifiable. 
    Please listen to our many recorded testimonials on the home page.
  • We rank well in the search engines. The search engine companies (Google, Yahoo, Bing) detect any
     fraudulent activity, or any activity has been reported to them, they can remove sites from the search
     engines . Our site has been in the top 5 for over 3 years.
  • We remain an active business. If we were cheating our customers, the Federal Trade Commission, the
    Attorney General, or any agency would’ve investigated us and shut us down.

We are the largest and most trusted source of doctor's notes on the internet. If you do not believe us, please leave this
site and look around to see for yourself. We understand concerns about buying online, but running a scam would be virtually impossible in the long term. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us
via email, live chat, or phone. 

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What if someone calls back on a doctor's note? +

Due to HIPAA medical privacy laws, most doctor's excuses / notes are not called back on.

However, we have a no-cost call back verification feature (that we highly recommend) that enables you to set up a number (in your area code) with an automated voice messaging system. You will then be able to upload pre-made MP3 files that will sound like an authentic hospital, clinic, or even a doctor's answering machine. Further explanation is provided within the access area (post-purchase). Once again, because of HIPAA laws, there are very few questions that an individual can ask when calling back on a note.

Is this website secure? +

Yes. Our entire website is hosted with 128-bit encryption. We do not retain any credit card numbers as our processing is done by a secure third party. All of your private information is stored securely and we do not share it with anyone.

How does this doctors note service work? I am confused. +

Sorry to hear that you are confused.

It's very simple -- just fill in your credit card information and order the notes. Within a few minutes you will receive a link within your email. Click the link to go to our access page where you can open the notes.

Open the notes in our online editor and customize them to fit your needs. Then you can print from a regular laser or inkjet printer.

Can I see pictures / examples / samples of the doctor's notes? +

We do have a photograph of some of our notes here. However, we do not show close-up pictures of our notes for two reasons:

1.) We do not want people copying the notes that we took so long to research and develop.

2.) Many purchasers have requested that we do not show close up pictures the notes on the Internet. They do not want their notes they are using to be publicly visible.

Will the notes work in any state? What about my city? +

Our doctor's notes / excuses have been tested and proven to work in all US states and Canada. They also work for other English speaking countries. You can tailor the notes to fit your city and state. The address field (on all of the notes) is fully customizable.

How customizable are the doctor's notes? +

You can edit the physician's name and the phone numbers, along with other information on the notes. The clinic and hospital names can be customized on most (about 95%) of the notes.  For the 5% that are not customizable, it is possible to swap out the graphics.

You can also delete and switch out the graphics to create your own custom notes.

What different types of doctor notes do you have? +

We sell 1 bundle of over 30 doctor's notes. That is it. The notes are designed for all different types of situations, and can be tailored to fit any need. They are all fully customizable and have been proven to work in any state. Also, you can basically create your own by piecing the elements of our notes together within a word processor.

To learn about our collection of notes,  you can get more info here.   To see a picture of some of our notes, click here.

Once I buy the doctor's notes, can I access them anywhere? How many times? +

Yes you can access the excuse notes anywhere, to any computer or device you want. You can do this as many items as you want. However, after ~10 clicks on the link, your link will expire. We can reactivate it if you wish. We apologize but our software automatically does this for security reasons (to prevent unauthorized sharing). Feel free to ask us for a reactivation.

Do these doctor’s notes really work? +
Yes - they work. They are modeled exactly after real doctor's notes. They work in any state in the US, Canada and in some parts of Europe (Ireland and Great Britain). Our notes are the best option you have on the Internet. We stand by our guarantee: if you can find a better doctor's note anywhere, we will send you $100.

You also get a 365-day money-back guarantee.

Do I have the sign the fake note myself? +
Yes.  However, we do have a signed notes option that is available after you order.
Are the doctor’s notes blank? +
Yes. Depending on the note you choose, you may fill in information by hand or type it in with your word processor. It really depends on which note you choose to use. By default the signature area is blank, but you can upgrade to signed notes after you order if you wish.
What sickness do I put on the doctor's note? +
Due to HIPAA laws, the sickness/ailment/reason seen is NEVER shown on any real doctor's notes. Instead, just the date seen and restrictions are shown. You can edit the note on your computer or you can fill in this info by hand.
Can I access the doctor's notes from anywhere? +
Yes.  The notes are sent to your email so you can re-open the download link from anywhere.
When printing your fake doctor notes, do I need a special printer or color ink? +

Many of our notes are in color. However, they do not need to printed in color.  Many notes we've seen are in black and white. We recommend printing on a laser printer or ink-jet at its highest quality setting.

Do the signatures look real on the signed doctor's notes? +

NOTE: The signed notes are available AFTER you order.

Yes the signatures look very realistic, and print surprisingly well when set to high-quality print mode. You cannot see the pixels.

What all do I get with your doctor notes bundle? +

Please review the home page and also the order page.  Our product is explained very thoroughly.  You get 30-40 doctor's notes (we've honestly lost count) plus some bonus goodies.

How long will it take to get the doctor's notes? +

The access link to notes will be delivered to your email within 5 minutes. You can then open them up from any computer. If for some reason they are not delivered to you, email us and we will get them to you as soon as we possibly can.

What if the person I'm submitting to has seen this site? +

Chances are they have not. We do not do any advertising besides placing content on the internet.

I need a note for {insert reason here}, do you have it? +

Please visit here to see all the notes that we have available (note: we have added many more that are not listed on that page).  Our notes can be tailored to fit any medical need. They are fully customizable but sometimes a bit of creativity is required.

How do I turn in the doctor's notes? +

Most people turn them in when they return to work. However, some people fax or scan and email the notes.

Is this legal? / Why isn’t this site banned? +

We provide novelty doctor's notes with fictitious names and fictitious institutions. Mimicking real medical institutions and medical professionals is likely illegal. We do not do this. However, please check with your local laws.

Which doctor's note is the best one to use? +

That is up to you to decide. You have to look through them all and find which one you're most comfortable with. Some are very simple, others are complex.

That is why we offer a large selection of notes -- because we know its an important decision and people feel comfortable with different options.

How can I print my doctor notes? +

If you've ever printed anything from a computer - you can print our doctor's notes. You simply load the notes in the online editor, edit them and print them. Although our doctor's notes are in color, printing them in black and white will not decrease the believability as many notes are simply printed on office black-and-white laser printers. If you do not have a printer at home we highly recommend a print shop or library.

Can I pay a different way? +

We prefer credit cards, but If you do not have one and want to pay a different way (such as a check in the mail, cash, etc.), please contact us and we will try to see what we can do for you. We cannot take bank routing numbers.

Why wont it take my credit card? I keep getting declined! +

Email us at help@bestfakedoctornotes.com and we will see if we can enter it manually. This often works.

What do the doctor's notes say / have on them? +

Doctor's notes come in all shapes and sizes. They almost always mention the date you were seen and any medical restrictions. It is not common for a doctor's note to mention your specific illness as this does not adhere to HIPAA privacy laws.

As far as other elements: they have logos, address information, phone numbers, watermarks (sometimes) and stamps (sometimes). They also can have other details such as barcodes.

By default, our notes are filled in with fictitious information (ie 555-555-5555 as phone number), but they can be tailored to fit any need.

Do your doctor notes need special paper? +

No. We've seen hundreds of doctors notes and they are always printed in regular paper. Printing them from a inkjet or laser printer works perfectly.

Can I use the notes in my state? Can I change the names and dates? +

Our doctor's excuses can be used in any state. Yes, the names and dates are editable.

What file format are the doctor's notes in? +

Our newest doctor's notes are available within our online editor and are downloadable as images (jpg / png) after editing.

We also still provide access to our original notes which are in MS Word format. They can be opened with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or OpenOffice (OpenOffice.org)... and likely many other programs. However, they are tested to work in Microsoft Word.

How quickly do I get the fake doctor's notes? +

The access link to the notes should be available to you within 5-10 minutes of ordering.

Do I edit the fake doctor's notes by hand? +

Most of the elements on the notes can be edited within our online editor. However, some elements on the notes require printing and filling it in by hand.

Do you have signed fake dr. notes? +

Yes we have an upgrade option that will allow you to get our notes signed. They print perfectly. When you purchase this you get the collection of unsigned notes AND signed notes.

I just ordered your package and I received NOTHING! I am upset! What gives? +

We are sorry to hear this. In very rare cases, this can happen. Just email us here and I will send you the download link to the notes ASAP.

How can I make a fake doctor’s note without buying one? +

It's very hard without referring to a real doctor note and having graphic design skills. Do not take the risk. There are free options online but they often are used by many people are do not have the details that are commonly seen in regular doctor's excuses.

Is this site a joke? How can I take it seriously? +

This site is meant to be humorous, however, our products look very authentic. We encourage you, however, to not use our notes for illegal purposes. Please review our disclaimer before purchasing.

Which of your doctor’s notes works the best? +

Some are more convincing than others. We actually recommend some of our more simplified notes. Many doctors simply scribble a note on a medical notepad. We have several excuse notes that are inspired by these.

With that said, many real notes also have details such as watermarks, logos and barcodes.

How do I receive the doctor's notes? +

Access to the doctor's notes is sent to you via a link. You simply click the link and access and edit the notes with our online editor.  After editing the excuse, you then can download and print the document.

Although you can use a smartphone, we highly recommend using a desktop computer.

I want to customize my doctor's note. How flexible are your notes? +

Our notes are very flexible, although some are more flexible than others. On all the notes you can change the medical facility's name, doctor's names, dates, etc.  This is all done via the online editor.

The notes that are less flexible are meant to be edited by hand (ie - written on after printed).

What does a doctor's note look like? I want to see a copy of one of your notes. +

We do not want to show our doctor's excuses too closely because we do not want people to copy them.  We also do not want the people you're ‘tricking’ to see them. However, you can click here to see a distant image of what the doctors notes look like (Note: we have added many more notes since this photo was taken).

We’ve designed these notes to be very limited in quantity and exposure. We do not want them to leak out to irresponsible people.

I just need one doctor's note, not all of them. Can I just get one? +

No. Sorry. Most of the other sites charge 10 – 20 dollars for a very average looking SINGLE note.

We guarantee you will not find any notes better than ours. The reason we have many notes in one package is so you’ll have the option to choose the note that is best suited for your needs. We also want to create great value (…and still be able to make a small profit to cover our advertising expenses.)

We also stand by our guarantee that we'll offer $100 if you can find a note that is better than ours!

I need a doctor's note for ______________. Is this possible? +

Many people come to our site looking for specific notes for specific illnesses. For example, many people read our site and feel that there isn’t a note available for what they need.

This is a mistake because, although we have notes for a variety of clinics, we also have many ‘general’ medical notes that you can quickly and easily tailor to your specific needs.

These notes include a hospital release form, a general doctors note, general clinic notes, a blank prescription form, and other notes where you can customize the clinic name and specialty. People have found that these notes actually look – in many ways — more legitimate than our other notes.

The choice is yours. Download the notes and find which one you think looks the most fitting for your needs.  We offer many notes in our package so you have the freedom to choose which note works best for you.

To read descriptions of all of our notes, click here.

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