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Our product is simple, quick and easy: You get instant online access to over 30 fake doctor’s notes. Edit and print them directly from your home computer.

Turn them in and never get questioned. Use as many of the notes as you wish, as much as you want..



- Our Amazing ‘3-Piece’ Guarantee -

We offer a 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee.  If you’re not satisfied with our product in any way, just email us.  That’s it.

But that’s not all. We’re are so confident with the realism and legitimacy of our notes, that if you find a doctor’s note (online or offline) that looks more authentic, we’ll not only give you your money back, we’ll give you $100! (Just so we can see it!)


Simple, Easy and Guaranteed to Work for You – In Any Situation

Access to quality doctor’s notes has never been easier. Just download, edit and print your way to freedom. Say good-bye to the massive hassles and expenses of seeing a real-life doctor.  All the work is done for you. And best of all, the doctor’s notes are proven to work for any situation.  Use them for returning or for missing future days.


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In an effort to preserve the integrity of our product, we limit our sales. Only 10 downloads of notes will be released per day. Claim your notes immediately and avoid having to wait when you need them most.

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FAQ Reviews


“..I’ve used them for numerous things now. It worked very well for me. I used the dentist note… worked out perfectly…”

-Debra Jackson, Houston, TX

“..All I can really say is that I am very pleased. I got them right away and they were very easy to edit…it’s a beautiful thing…”

-James K., Bassett, NE

“..I was very happy with how real the notes looked and the variety that I could choose from…”

-Travis K., Sunbury, Pennsylvania

“..I definitely recommend this product. 10/10.”

-C.S., New Jersey

“..I did not have the money to go to a doctor. By using the fake doctor’s note I was actually able to have a pass for (legitimately) being sick… “

-Carly V., Avon, Ohio

“..Your product was the only product that looked realistic and had a guarantee. It showed ever characteristic of actually coming from a hospital or a doctor’s office… “

-Laurie M., Waco, TX

“..He (my teacher) never questioned me about anything…”

-Jasmin K., Bronx, NY

“..No questions asked. It looked very legitimate. The best note that worked for me was the ‘excuse from work’ note. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to take off of work but cannot afford to go to the doctor.”

-Afyia J., Tallahassee, FL

“The doctor note I had purchased helped me tremendously, especially with school… good notes.”

- Jason F., San Jose, California

“Thank you so much for the doctor’s notes… saved my butt — so professional. Thank you so much you guys!”

-S.O., Ohio

“Your product had worked perfectly. I had no issues with turning it in..”

- A.K., Tennessee

“It was great — once I purchased the product I had immediate access…. all types of doctor’s notes – one for every need. Worked great for me….”

– S.S., Dallas TX

“I was really really impressed with them. The notes looked legit. Easy and simple and in my email within 5 minutes.”

– P.D., Unknown

“Turned one in the next day and I was fabulously surprised and happy with the fact that I could personalize them…….. Glad you guys are there – thanks!”

– J.Fischer, Oregon

“..At first I was a little nervous about it… worked so far for me. I’d recommend it to anybody…”

– Dawn D., Hawaii

“..Easy to communicate — Emmitt Streat made things so easy.. great customer service in opposed to ‘that other site…

– Dawn D., Hawaii (Continued)

“Thank you for your product. It truly saved my life… it saved my job any way. I missed work for about 6 days and there was no way I could get a doctor’s note… Thank you so much, I would be out of work otherwise.”

– Adam W., United Kingdom

“I honestly think that this website saved my life. Otherwise I probably would’ve gotten fired from my job. Thanks for all your help.”

– Allee F., California

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