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We have all been in a situation where we need medical attention, but our primary healthcare provider cannot offer it. So, they send you to another institution or specialist for a checkup.

You will see the doctor filling out the medical referral form. This document will allow you to see the other physician without going through a long process.

The internet provides access to these documents too. You can get the best medical referral form and fill it with your doctor. Or perhaps you are a doctor looking for this form but don’t know where to access one easily. You can still use the internet for the same.

So, how much do you know about this document? If not much, you have come to the right place.

In this guide, we shall define a medical referral form and explain how to fill one.

Come along.


Medical Referral Form: What is a medical referral?

medical referral form

medical referral form

Let’s start with the word refer. In simple terms, it means to recommend someone to another person. It can also mean to confirm from another source; for instance, when studying, you refer your work to another source.

In the medical world, a referral is a recommendation of a medical professional. It is the process of sending a patient to a specialist.

For example, when your doctor gives you a referral to ophthalmology, they send you to an eye doctor.

A referral is necessary for a patient to see a specialist aside from the primary doctor. The services are usually covered by medical insurance.

Let’s say you have gone to your doctor, and they think you have a problem with your teeth. In that case, they will fill out a form and send you to a dentist with it. That is a referral.

In a nutshell, a medical referral is a written request from one healthcare provider to another, asking them to examine and treat a specific issue you may have.

They will write such a document if:

  • They believe you require expert attention, which the other person can provide.
  • They think you should get more specialized treatment, which they cannot offer.
  • You need more tests and investigation to understand the situation better.

A good example is if a pregnant woman is experiencing complications. She will be sent to an obstetrician for more specialized care.

You are more likely to get a medical referral:

  • To see a specialized medical professional
  • To get an X-ray or imaging services
  • To access pathology services.

Doctors Referral Form: What is a referral form for?

doctor giving referral

doctor giving referral

A medical referral form is a document doctors fill when referring their patients for specialized care. You can get templates for these forms online with ease and fill them with your primary healthcare giver. Well, you can create one from scratch, but it can save you time downloading one that is already well-designed.

The form is very important because it allows you to get the medical services from the other person without going through a long process.

Doctors, dentists, and certain allied health professionals make referrals for one to see another doctor. But not every doctor can give a referral. Some services can only be accessed through a certain specialist. For instance, some MRI scans can only be ordered by a curtain specialist.

Referral forms are used to:

  • Give information about the condition of the patient being referred.
  • Give details of the treatments that have already been performed. This is important because it allows the other professional to know the background of this new patient.
  • To request for more specialized opinion and recommendation. The form will include information on why the patient needs to be checked by another specialist, which is crucial to their treatment.
  • Give easy access to medical services. When one is referred from one medical institution to another, they may not need to go through the initial registration process. The form will already contain all the data needed to access these services.
  • Explain tests to be performed, if any. A referral form can be in the form of a request for an MRI, CT scan, or X-Ray.
  • Medical cover reconciliation. Medical insurance works best with a referral.

In a nutshell, this is an important document to the referred patient, one that you should not take lightly. If you visit a specialist without a referral, some will see you, but some might not.

Free Physician Referral Form: How do I get a referral form template?

medical referral form template

medical referral form template

There are several ways to get a referral form. The most obvious one would be to ask for one from your primary doctors. They will not give you the form, but they may write the referral as required.

If you have a general practitioner who knows you well, they will easily give you the document. It will write all the necessary information about your health.

Apart from that option, you can download the medical referral form template or fake doctors note directly from the internet in the comfort of your home. You don’t need to find a doctor unless you want their official signature.

There are different templates, so make sure you choose the right one. Here are common templates you will find online:

  • A Medical Foundation Referral Form. This is a document that provides the health data of a person who flees to another nation for asylum. It is for UK medical doctors.
  • Veterinary Medical Office Referral Form. This is a free, editable form for vets to refer their clients to the right doctor.
  • Genetic Medical Referral Form Template. This template saves you time in creating a medical referral letter.
  • Printable Medical Service Referral Form. You don’t have to design everything from scratch when you have this solution.
  • Free Medical Panel Referral Form. A detailed medical report referral form can get patients to a medical panel. It is quite a long one.
  • Medical Assistant Referral Form. For medical assistants to send patients to the doctor’s office.
  • Medical customer center sample form. This gives the background information of a referred patient. It is easy to edit.

Medical Referral Forms: What is included in a medical referral form?

A referral form, as stated above, is the document that carries all the information about the referred patient. The condition must be as detailed as possible. It will make it easy for the other specialist to understand your situation and find the right solution.

It includes the following information:

  • General information of the patient. This is where the doctor will write the names and contact information of their patients.
  • Clinical information. According to Health Care Insurance Regulations, a practitioner must first find a need for a referral. They must then give the specialist information about the patient’s situation they consider necessary.
  • Date of the referral. The practitioner must mention the date of the referral. This can be helpful in determining how to proceed.
  • The signature of the referring doctor.

A patient can choose the specific specialist they want to be referred to or ask for a recommendation from the doctor. That means the referral is addressed to a specific specialist.

5 Steps to Write a Medical Referral Form

Here are five easy steps you can follow to write a medical referral form:

1. Don’t mind the design

There are many things on the internet you will want to look for beauty, but not in the medical referral form. Too much design can be confusing. This is a serious document and should focus on purpose.

2. Choose fonts wisely

Clear fonts make the form easy to understand. Make them bold and simple. Applying cursive tones has the same effect as choosing too much design.

3. Have several sections

You can use several sections, so it becomes easy to explain your patient’s symptoms to the specialist. You can tick off some signs and probable causes, allowing the specialist to know what they are facing.

4. Keep it clean and clear

Medical conditions should be processed immediately and with ease. So, do not divert the specialist’s attention with irrelevant details. Just give what is important to help them understand the condition faster.

5.Sign it

When you are done with the form, close with your signature. This gives it authority and keeps off unwanted complications.

Now that you understand all this, it’s time to get your medical referral templates. We are here to make sure you have an easy time. Let us know if you have any questions.


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