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We have all been in a situation where you are overworked, overstressed, and not paid very well. A little break can be all you need to get back on track.

Or perhaps you just took some time off, and now you are ready to resume school or work without questions.

In any given situation, a doctor’s note could come in handy. This is a document that lets you stay out of trouble for missing school or work.

The internet is full of places you can get a fake doctors note. But not many of them are trustworthy.

So, can you get a legit doctor’s note without going through too much trouble? Yes.

In this guide, we will discuss how to get a legit note from real doctors and how you can create a convincing fake note.


Legit Doctors Note for Work: Do fake doctor's notes work?

legit doctors note

legit doctors note

You can use fake medical excuses as a last resort in a certain situation, mostly if you are not able to see a doctor. The document can work and does work most times, but not all the time.

If you are getting the note for your work or school, and it’s serious, it’s important to create a convincing one. Understand that it’s illegal and unethical to fake a medical document. Some people do it with malicious intentions, like to claim some insurance.

Here are some situations where you can use a fake doctor’s note:

When you suddenly fall sick with a short illness

There are times you will go to bed feeling well and just wake up unable to move. Many people have come down with such a short illness, which may cause one to miss a few days at work or school. At the same time, you might find time to obtain official authorization for absence.

You may get better before you set up an appointment with your doctor. But you still need an official excuse not to prove your absence for the days you were away.

A family member falls sick

Very few employers will allow a worker to stay home when a family member is sick. However, you may want to stay home to take care of your spouse or child, offering emotional support. When getting back to school, a fake doctor's note could help explain your situation better.

As a prank

Yes, a fake doctor’s note does not always have to be used in serious situations. Some learning and working environments open doors to some fun. For instance, you can make up a doctor’s note that you are pregnant or have some rare made-up condition that requires certain treatment.

But be sure not to extend the prank too far.

Note: Fake doctor note templates are for short-term situations only. Employers and schools may call your healthcare provider to prove extended absence.

Legit Doctors Note Templates: How can I get a fake doctor's note for work?

doctors taking notes

doctors taking notes

A fake doctor’s note offers an easy solution for missed workdays. If you come back to work after missing out one or two days, your employer will want to know why.

Whether you were sick or had to care for your loved one, you can use a fake doctor’s excuse. This document is easy to access in this internet error.

Here are the steps:

  • Find the right site. Fake doctor’s notes are basically the same, no matter where you download from. However, you need to find a trustworthy site that can offer provable documents.
  • Download and fill in the right template. Look for a sample doctor’s note for work. It should guide the type of information needed. Some come with areas in parentheses, whose information you can simply change to fit your needs.
  • Print and sign. Always make sure the format you have chosen is printable. You will need to sign for yourself and for the doctor.

Note: There are different doctors notes for work to serve a different purpose. These include dentist notes, pregnancy forms, surgery approval forms, and many others. Be sure to pick the right one.

Legit Doctors Note for School: How to fake a doctor's note for School?

After missing a few days from school, you may want an excuse note to prove that you were sick. This excuse note is required in a number of situations, including:

  • When you are looking for some time to take a break and just rest.
  • When you were sick for a short time but could not see a doctor.
  • When you have a personal emergency and would not want to involve anyone else.
  • When you have a sick loved one and need time to take care of them.

Here are tips for faking a doctor’s note for school;

  1. Choose a good excuse. Faking a cardiologist sick note without previous heart issues will be suspicious. Think wisely before picking the best sickness that fits your profile. Do some research and know the excuses that are most likely to work.
  2. Research the condition. Returning to school after a long time with a forged sick note can be overwhelming. Understand the side effects of the condition and practice them two to three days before going back to school.
  3. Select a high-quality template. Many people end up picking low-quality notes, which can only fail you. Several sites offer great free templates. We are a trustworthy service that offers different samples to meet your needs.
  4. Find someone to fill for you. After getting a blank-layout sample is only the first step. Try to find someone else to fill the note for you. This is a very serious note if you want to succeed.
  5. Avoid using past reasons. If you have done this before, do not use the same excuse as you did before. The last thing you want is to raise any suspicion.

There you have it, the best way to create a fake doctor’s note for school. It is always important to go over the note, ensuring everything is in order.

Legit Fake Doctor's Note: Is it illegal to fake a doctor's note?

The internet is full of bad actors who can create any fake document. A phony letter is in high demand in this digital world. Besides, we all face different reasons that may force us to seek such solutions.

However, not many people are willing to face the truth about fake doctor’s notes concerning their legality. The big question is whether it’s illegal to fake this document.

It is illegal to use a fake doctor’s note to deceive an authority. This is because many people will include a real doctor’s name in these fake notes. They even fake the doctor’s signature to make it more convincing.

That is called a forgery, which is wrong and punishable in the US with jail terms and fines. If caught using a fake note from a doctor, you may lose your occupation and even forgery charges from the business.

If a person forges a prescription, they can be sentenced to up to 8 years in jail. They can also face a hefty fine. The punishment for one who produces an artificial doctor’s note can face fairly the same sentence – but mostly not very serious.

When choosing to use such a document, one must be very careful. For instance, do not use a real doctor’s name when you are creating a fake note. This is because you may not have their official signatures, which leads to forgery.

We do not recommend using forged medical notes for any reason. That is why we offer genuine doctor’s notes for school and work. It does not take long to have your document ready, and you can use it for the right reasons without worrying.

Legit Doctors Note Template for Free: Can I buy a fake doctor's note?

Many situations can compel one to seek a medical excuse note. If you attend your kid’s party or participate in their baseball practice, a simple sick day could be all you require.

Sick days are easy for some people, and their employees or school authority may not even ask for anything. But for others, it can get more complicated, and the employer asks for a doctor’s note.

Luckily, there are many sources that can help you with your needs as soon as possible. There is an abundance of fake notes that look legit.

Here, we can even create a fake doctor’s number and voicemail for a free trial. And when you get the letter, it will be very hard for anyone to prove it’s fake.

You are exposed to more than 30 fake doctor’s notes. All you have to do is edit and print the document from your house. You can then use any of the letters however you want.

While we don’t encourage buying a fake doctor's note, you could use one from a trusted service. Just make sure it has all the necessary information.

Get a Doctor's Note: How do I know it's legit?

doctors notes

doctors notes

Submitting a fake doctor’s note to your employee is against the law. This is one important point that every user needs to understand. The topic is very sensitive in many working environments.

According to a health specialist for, Helen Hunter, the practice of creating fake doctor’s notes is very common today. It is because of the attendance-based policy found in many companies in the world. This system highlights the number of unexcused days one can have in a given period. When they run out of such days, they resort to forged medical letters.

You can tell a doctor’s note is legit by looking at the following pointers:

  • All the information is correctly filled in. This includes the personal info of the person creating the document.
  • It has a legit reason. Excuses that don’t make sense can raise suspicion.
  • Has never been used. Some employees may use the same excuse note too many times. This should state the note is not legit.
  • Has the name and signature of a real doctor. A doctor’s note only makes sense if it comes from a doctor. In case the employer decides to call and confirm your allegations, they are free to. That means the note should also have the doctor’s contact information.

You can always know a suspicious document when you see one. You should find a trustworthy service provider when looking for downloadable doctor’s notes.

Where can I Download the Internet's Only 'Legit' Printable Fake Doctors Note?

Well, the internet is a place where you can find anything. If you are looking for the only legit printable fake doctor’s note online, you have come to the right place.

Here, you have access to 30 printable notes, which you can use as many times as you want.

It is simple.

Start by choosing your preferred template. We have excuse notes for work, school, dentist notes, fake pregnancy notes, and many others to meet your needs.

We are the best doctor’s excuse note provider across the internet. Once you have chosen the template, download, edit, and print.

Our templates come with provable information so that you don’t have to worry about anything. And with our 24/7 customer service, we will help you whenever the need arises.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team to get your legit doctor’s note.


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