How to Turn in a Doctor’s Excuse with Confidence

We have all been there. Something happens and we just cannot go to a planned event or wherever. So we stop and ask ourselves how to handle the situation. That one is easy. Take some of these 10 key tips to help yourself the next time that you need guidance on how to turn in a doctor’s excuse with confidence.

Even if you have the perfect doctor’s excuse in hand, the delivery is key. It is a simple thing to handle though if you just follow these key tips. They will help you deliver the free doctors excuse or even discharge so you can go do what you want to. Let’s start with the attitude that is needed to pull the whole 10 key tips on how to turn in a doctor’s excuse with confidence.

  1. The “It” Look

You need the confidence to pull off a fake doctor’s excuse. Think about it for a moment. If someone handed you a piece of paper that was supposed to mean that they were getting out of something wouldn’t you question them? What would you look for? You would look for that certain it that exudes confidence. It says that they have the right to get out of the event. The fake doctor’s excuse alone won’t do it. It doesn’t matter how legit or legitimate it looks, they will look at you. So be confident and show them that certain “it” that makes you look real.

  1. Get the Paper Right

You would never believe how many people try to pull the hospital or clinic doctor’s excuse on the wrong paper. Sure they have the template or templates right. They just don’t have the paper right. So they hand in some paper that looks like it is the right thing, but the fake doctor’s excuse is off. They end up getting busted.

  1. The Template

While we are on the subject, remember the template for your fake doctor’s excuse. Make the doctor’s excuse look as good as the paper. The doctor’s excuse for work uses a particular template. In fact any type of doctor’s excuse that you hand in will require that you know the right template to use. If you don’t have that, then you won’t pull off anything.

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  1. Doctor’s Excuse

Never forget the most important of the whole thing. You need to know what the doctor’s excuse would claim. You do not need to go through all of this to discover that your excuse is medically impossible. Imagine the disappointment and ridiculousness of handing in some lame excuse that busts you.

  1. The Knowledge

Never overlook the knowledge that is required to make a fake form. Your doctor’s excuse will need to be printed somewhere. Some printers can handle certain types of paper printer and others won’t. Make sure that you have the knowledge that is required for you to be capable of printing the form that you need for your excuse.

  1. Be Composed

Remember that all the know how means nothing to if you don’t have the composure to pull it all off. Make certain that you watch your caffeine intake and never abuse drugs while attempting to hand in a fake doctors excuse. It will not help you at all. Maintain your composure and practice that fact before trying to submit it.

  1. Know the People

If you are handing in a school excuse, then you need to have a good relationship with the individual hat you are passing the fake excuse to. Maintaining that type of relationship will give you that edge that opens the door to these days of freedom. Earn some points before you need to cash them in and don’t get greedy. They will believe you if they know that you are a solid person. So do your time and make certain that they know that you are a person that can be counted on before you try to turn in an excuse.

  1. Know the Medical Jargon

Nothing is worse than a doctor’s excuse that lacks the professionalism in the note. Make certain that you use the right language and medical jargon for the note. That is the only way to make it look realistic enough to work for your excuse. The basic rule is to only use the jargon that you know is traditionally used. Don’t guess and make a mistake that could trip you up. In Dallas that could be a real problem. Most offices have secure protocols that will trip you up. So be very careful with the medical jargon there. The same applies to Washington. In fact many places today have code medical jargon that can trip you up. Do your homework first in order to have a more successful result.

  1. The Handwriting

This part is a bit trickier. You need to know that handwriting of the doctor.  Fortunately for you most doctors have terrible handwriting. Learning how to imitate that handwriting is far easier when you are dealing with a doctor’s handwriting. Master it so your doctor’s excuse is believable.

  1. The Signature

The signature on the doctor’s excuse is the second and final part of the process. You must know the signature of the doctor and how he or she signs it. This can be achieved by taking copy paper and placing it over the signature. Practice that enough and you can easily master the signature for any doctor’s excuse. In some cases you can even transfer it electronically on the computer with a simple copy and paste. Either way the process is not impossible and offers you the perfect doctor’s excuse for getting out of anything. Then all you have to do is turn it in and go enjoy your day or evening.

Nitesh Singh, M.D. is a senior Anesthesiology resident in PSRI hospital, New Delhi, India. Nitesh is the expert authority in doctor’s notes and has been a staff writer at for over ten years.  You can learn more about him by visiting his social profiles here: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+