Let’s face it, there are times in life when telling a lie will have a better outcome than the truth. The only problem is the risk of getting caught and actually looking like a liar. Although it is not good to make a habit of being dishonest, bending the truth here and there is not going to hurt anyone. The key to telling a successful lie is to do so with complete confidence. Continue on to learn how.

The first step to telling a lie with confidence is making peace with your decision to be dishonest. In order to be believable you must overcome any doubt or feelings of going against your morals. When you feel like you are doing something wrong it will show. You have to justify the lie in your mind in order to deliver it flawlessly.

Next, you want to consider the probability of your lie being discovered. Some factors to consider include:

  • Have you been caught by the same people you plan to lie to now?
  • Will this person forgive you if you get caught?
  • Are you capable of revising events to spin into your own story?

Once you have considered your chances of being caught it is time to get your story straight. The secret to a great lie is organization. You have to have your story planned before you even begin to think about delivery. Think about specifics such as time and place to include into your lie. A few truthful details can make a lie very believable. Also, always think a few steps ahead. You have to prepare for questions. Although details and planning are required, keep it simple but well thought out.  Too much planning and detail may expose your dishonesty.

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When you have your story planned you have to know how you will carry out your lie. The way you deliver your lie is crucial. First of all you have to work on your body language. Eye contact is a big thing that liars have difficulty with. Liars tend to avoid eye contact. What you need to do is maintain normal eye contact and look away a few times to think as you would in a normal conversation.

Secondly you have to stay relaxed. Fidgeting, excessive smiling and lots of hand movements are tell tale signs of dishonesty. Other things to avoid include changing the subject, elaborating too much and becoming defensive.

Lastly, when lying with complete confidence bring up the lie before being asked about it. This gives you a chance to explain yourself and control the conversation. It is much easier to lie successfully when the situation is calm and under control.

Overall, telling a lie with complete confidence is easy. All you have to do is make peace with your decision to lie, weigh the probability of getting caught, get your story straight and carry out your lie successfully. No specific wording, elaboration or defensiveness required. Just remember to follow through with your plan and remember your lie if the event happens to come up in the future.

Nitesh Singh, M.D. is a senior Anesthesiology resident in PSRI hospital, New Delhi, India. Nitesh is the expert authority in doctor’s notes and has been a staff writer at bestfakedoctorsnotes.net for over ten years.  You can learn more about him by visiting his social profiles here: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+