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How To Enjoy Your Next Vacation!

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Are you bored of your old-fashioned vacations? Do you even feel that planning a vacation is no longer a fun thing to do and when your family gathers to speak about this they just have that same old "whatever" face? Well, do not let the routine kill what once was a joyful time to spend. PS: Need to take that time off? Go to our doctor's note homepage at

Once you have your fake doctors note, abide by our How To´s and What Not´s you need to do to get excited about vacation again.

To begin with... Please kick off your shoes and relax, that's right! sit down on your nice comfy chair and recap the best moments of your previous vacations, like where did you go what did you do!

Now that you are in the mood and set for new adventures, just think... how about if we try something new! and here are a couple of options you probably didn't even try before!

1: Backpackers Adventure:

This is simple, just grab a backpack fill it up with the basic things you need for a couple of weeks and then you are good to go! Get your fake doctor's note, and get to your nearest, airport, train or bus station, get to the counter and ask for the cheapest ticket they can offer for that day! You might be thinking that this is just plain crazy and only a madman would even think about doing this, but don't pay attention to that voice in your head that's just the routine kicking in, once you purchased a ticket now you are set to discover and find new horizons.

2: One Hundred At a Time:

If you thought that the last idea was a crazy way to use your fake doctor's note, well keep on reading because this is just starting to get better!

One Hundred At a Time means that you will need to drive one hundred miles in any direction you might like and when the odometer hits one hundred miles you will need to park your car and look around, talk with the locals do what ever they do to have fun around there. But there is a catch: you only have one hundred minutes to explore. If you don't find that place amusing get in your car and drive away but if you pass that time frame you will have to stay overnight, like the old saying states "When In Rome... Do What The Romans Do".

Now you know how to beat the routine and use your fake doctor's note to the fullest!

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