It is important to give serious thought about how to effectively use a fake doctor’s note. Knowing how to make the most of a fake doctor’s note is the key to getting time off, but without incurring any unwanted consequences for yourself.

There are a number of reasons why using an already made fake doctor’s note is sometimes preferable, if the situation calls for it. If you have ever had daily responsibilities and needed a believable excuse for taking time away, then you know what this feels like. There are online services that allow individuals to access fake doctor’s notes, forms, letters, and other types of documents to give to their employers for a day off.

These services are in the business of helping people keep their tasks safe and assure their personal privacy. In fact, they are more commonly used than you may know.

Why People Use Fake Doctor’s Notes

Getting a doctor’s note to work in some situation can be difficult. Even more difficult is getting an excuse when you really need it. Often, people want a break from their daily responsibilities or routine at work, but getting time off can be a hassle. It gets even harder to get days off when someone has already missed a few days for vacation, and then their child or spouse is struck with an illness. When days off are tight, it’s time to make use of fake doctor’s notes by including a fake illness.

Other excuses can be harder to get a written doctor’s note for, such as going to the dentist, a chiropractor, a naturalistic healer, or alternative medical specialists. These types of visits are just as legitimate as any other visit to a medical doctor, but they may not look that way to the pickier overseer at work.

Here are some reasons why people make use of fake doctor’s excuses:

Sometimes you or your family have personal reasons that require taking time off. These are private and may not be something that you care to divulge to anyone else. Once again, having access to realistic looking and believable paperwork can make your life simpler, while keeping your personal privacy in tact.

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Problems With Using Free Doctor’s Note Templates

There are plenty of companies that offer free templates to make your own fake doctor’s notes, forms, or documents. These can be very attractive in a crisis, but they are not a good idea. Most free fake doctor’s notes are not professional in appearance or design, so they simply don’t work. If caught using a cheap and badly made template, it could cost you a lot, and you might not get the day off.

Often, the format of free doctor’s notes templates is the problematic issue (read this page for more). They may be too generic in their overall design, so that they are too generalized to pass for official documentation from a hospital. The average doctor will have their own personalized stationery and letter head, but a free form will not have these options. Most free doctor’s notes templates will only utilize blank forms that the user must fill in for themselves. The end results are rarely as professional looking as anything that is paid for online.

Also, any free forms and templates have probably been used by thousands of users, so the same exact letter may have been used before. This is the worst case scenario and something that you absolutely want to avoid. If you want a fake doctor’s note to work, be sure that it is original and not a duplicate of reused information.

Time Off Without Consequences

What is important to the average person is making their life easier. If they have to listen to endless details and lose precious time out of their day, it becomes a problem. Whatever is a problem for them is a problem for everyone involved, so making their decisions simpler is the key to a good fake doctor’s note.

Nothing makes the recipient’s job simpler than being able to skim over any paperwork and sign off on it. For the most part, they would prefer to put their faith in the absolute legitimacy of any documents and not double check the facts for themselves. Details are one of the most annoying part of their daily routines, so make them feel at ease. If you do this effectively, you are assured to make the most of any fake doctor’s excuse.

This is the real trick to getting time off. So when the goal is to miss an event without any unwanted consequences, just be sure to fool the top dog. If they say all is fine, no one else is likely to contradict them. This will always be true for the simplest check up, hospital stay, work leave, or formal hospital discharge. If it is approved by the higher ups in your life, it will be approved by everyone else.

Using Professional Fake Doctor’s Notes

Finding a well crafted and professional-looking document to use is worth the money spent. Any legitimate company will have some excellent examples of their fake doctor’s notes, so that you can inspect them first hand. This is a wise thing to do before using anything from any company, so be sure that the product you pay for is high quality, downloadable, and easily printable. All these things should factor into your final decision to purchase any fake forms to put to work for you.

Keeping the process simple and easy is to your advantage. It is wise to sign up for access to designer fake documents before you ever need them, so they are quick and ready when you do. Taking the time to look for the right forms will be made simpler, if you find a service to use ahead of time. This is the best free advice anyone can offer, when it comes to using fake documentation and doctors notes.

Now that you have a better understanding about using online fake forms and documents, try to make the most effective use of them. All it takes is thinking ahead, utilizing a little brain, and considering the people who you are trying to fool. Remember that it is your job to keep it from negatively impacting your life if you do not use these tools wisely. Fake is not always a bad thing; it all depends upon how you are using it.  So when you need to fake an excuse, try to make use of it wisely in reality.

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Nitesh Singh, M.D. is a senior Anesthesiology resident in PSRI hospital, New Delhi, India. Nitesh is the expert authority in doctor’s notes and has been a staff writer at for over ten years.  You can learn more about him by visiting his social profiles here: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+