Free Fake Doctor’s Notes – Why It Is A Huge Mistake

We all go through that situation – for one reason or another we call in sick at work or take a day off or two from school. So what’s the easiest way out? Whether we did get sick or not, a doctor’s note will get one off the hook, right? Not all the time, particularly if it is a free fake doctor’s note.

When Fake Doctor’s Notes Are Useful

Before we tackle about a free fake doctor’s note being a bad idea, let us admit – a fake doctor’s note has been a saving grace in many situations.  Did you ever get into any of these situations wherein only a doctor’s note can save the day?

 A little sick

When you do feel sick, but just a little rest will do and no medical attention is needed.We have been there when we feel under the weather once in awhile, but it is not really a big issue. Will you still go to the doctor for a minor cold or a headache, knowing it will resolve soon, just because a medical certificate is required?

When you feel burned out

By taking the day off or two from work due to burnout, and need to step back, take a break to “rewire” and recoup, you are actually doing a favor not just for you but also for the office since you will not be at par with the demand of your work.

 Certain family matters

When the family needs your attention, and you need to spend time with them.Sometimes it can be awfully hard to take a day off stating “family matters” as a reason. But by “getting sick” your boss/superior won’t be able to argue with you over that.

Personal events

When you have a personal event to attend to, and the boss is making it difficult for you to take a leave.

No more leaves left

When you have already run out of leave allocation, and you really need to attend to something.

Skip a stressful day ahead

When it is simply a stressful day ahead at work or school, and you just want to skip this day.During such situations – doctor’s notes are to the rescue! A fake doctor’s note is easily the fastest, hassle-free way to save one’s self from a compromising situation.  But before resorting to that, you need to consider a few things.

Why A Free Fake Doctor’s Note Is A Bad Idea

Now, free fake doctor’s notes are easy to get. But, like anything that is too easy to get, here are the reasons why it is a huge mistake:

Free fake doctor’s notes are all over the internet.

free fake doctor's notesDon’t even make the mistake of assuming that the boss or school official won’t find out.  With the free physician’s notes being dime-a-dozen all over the internet, chances are, you WILL get busted. With the free ones being readily visible, accessible, and available, it is highly likely that others have used them with your boss or the school official. Or at least, it is very likely that they have seen those free fake notes before.


Free fake MD’s notes are of poor quality.

Like anything that is free, a free-anything is almost always of poor quality – fake doctor’s notes included. They are quite generic, limited in customizability, and usually poorly-researched. “Authentic” MD notes usually have logos, watermarks, even complex graphics. Free fake physician’s notes are usually lacking in research and complexity that “genuine” notes have

Too much risk at stake

There is too much at stake to even risk submitting a free fake note.We have heard the phrase, “the die is cast” once you submit a low-quality free MD note, you can’t take it back. And once you do get busted, there is too much at risk – a bad record to say the least, but it can go as far as being suspended, kicked out, or losing your job. Is it worth taking the risk?

You already “faked” the situation as it is, might as well be believable and authentic. And a free doctor’s note may not be a good idea.

With a free fake MD’s note, you are on your own.

Well, let’s face it, it’s free. So submit it at your own risk. No one’s got your back – if there is any guidance at all, it is the general advice that the whole world knows already. There are no guarantees as to the quality of the free notes, nor will there be any kind of support.

Hey, but fake MD’s notes have saved us one time or another, or at least, sooner or later we will find ourselves in a situation that a fake MD note will get us in the clear. You’ll never know when you need a quick rescue! So before even risking downloading a free version or crafting one yourself, what are your options so you don’t get busted?

Why Consider Paid Fake Doctor’s Notes


If you did get sick but it is a minor one, like a common cold or a headache, doesn’t it seem too much of a hassle topaid fake doctor's notes have to make an appointment for a certification? Imagine having to go to a doctor for a sickness that is too minor but you just have to just to fulfill a work or school’s requirement to submit a medical certificate? How much time will it take, going to and from the clinic? Not to mention the queue. Going to a doctor for medical certification for an illness he did not see anyway is indeed a waste of time, a doctor once concurred with this in this piece of news.

Having a paid fake doctor’s note is the next best thing to getting an “authentic” MD’s note, to save you time from too much hassle.


We all know how much a consult can cost. Will it be worth having to go to a doctor especially for a minor health condition that has resolved on its own?

Easily Obtainable

Paid fake MD notes are as easy as a click of a download, just like free ones, except that it is a quality note that you are getting.

Verifiable and of Good Quality

Unlike its free counterparts, paid fake notes have been carefully researched and crafted to make it the next best thing to authentic physician’s notes. Much effort has been put to make it look legitimate, and this includes, graphics, watermarks, logos to name a few.


The paid fake notes have so many options, that it sets it way above compared to the generic template of the free versions. With so many versatile variations, it will be hard to differentiate it from authentic notes.

Gives You Peace of Mind

You already faked being sick, the least you want is to be busted and to have to justify or explain yourself. With a genuine looking doctor’s note, you will hardly need to do any explanation. You have peace of mind knowing what you submitted to your office or school is not one of those run-of-the-mill fake notes that they have probably seen many times before.

Imagine getting busted for a poor-quality MD certificate, you are lucky if you won’t suffer any consequences for it. The risk is just not worth it.

Guarantee and Support Offered

Paid fake notes offer guarantees and support.

Privacy is Assured

Paid fake doctor’s notes are, unlike free versions, more discreet and private.

Choosing Which Paid Fake Notes

Check Reviews online

Most of those sites that are offering paid fake notes will, of course, not show their actual products, so rely on the reviews of actual customers.

Review Track Record

How long have these companies offering paid MD notes been in existence?

Check Value for Money

Check price vs the features.  Are the paid notes offering versatile note variations? Are the features of a genuine doctor’s notes taken into consideration?

Verify the Security of the Transaction

Is the site secure? Does it have a trusted seal?

Check Their Guarantees and Support

This assures you that the product is of good quality and that the product owners stand by their product.

When choosing what kind of fake physician’s notes to take, always keep in mind the features mentioned above if you want to cover your tracks and to make sure that all holes are plugged. Free fake doctor’s notes are flatly too much of a risk to take when spending a few more dollars will mean peace of mind for you. You can always try crafting one yourself, but remember that HR departments and school authorities are well-informed of the authenticity of medical certificates. Knowing the risk of getting suspended, or even losing your job, it is best to leave these things in the hands of the experts and make it hassle-free for you.

At, we stand by the quality of our products. With years of experience in this business, we have kept your needs in mind. Please feel free to check the reviews online of our satisfied customers and the FAQs as well. We have a no-risk satisfaction guarantee.