Free Doctor’s Note = a Fatal Mistake

If you’ve ever been desperately in need of staying at home for a few days but aren’t sure how to get the time off work, you might have considered trying out a free doctors note. If so, chances are you’ve wondered whether or not it really works; most people are afraid it’ll fail and that it’ll cost them their job. Fortunately, it’s actually not too hard to get away with a template if you’re careful about how you use it. For instance, you need to use an authentic looking blank doctor’s note and avoid using them too often.

Picking a Believable Condition

It’s common to have difficulty deciding on which kind of note to use. Ultimately, the decision will depend on why you’re seeking the letter to begin with. If you just need one day off to get some rest, then one appointment note should work just fine. If you’re needing to get away for a few days, such as for a vacation, then you would need to generate a letter for a hospital stay.

Establishing the note with the correct circumstances is crucial to avoiding fatal free doctors note mistakes. To put it into perspective, if you provided a note claiming you have the flu but are gone for over a week, your employer may not believe the note. Be sure the letter fits with a good illness whose recovery time matches what you want to take off.

Avoiding Mistakes

Anyone who is looking to get a note template needs to be sure they do their research before moving forward with the process. Like with any goal, the path to success has a number of pitfalls that can trap you. The worst potential offense here is to use a doctor’s note that is stolen, as this can bring about legal charges. It’s too easy to find an online template and use a printer than is worth the risk of stolen notes. Never alter a real doctor’s prescription or note.

Another problem many people have is trying to come up with an illness that they know nothing about. Several websites on the Internet have accurate information about illnesses, although it’s best to stick to something you’ve personally experienced in the past; nobody needs to know you’re talking about a years-old experience. You might need to truly play into the role, depending on your ultimate goal; for instance, a fake cast is necessary if you’re claiming a broken limb.

Much like there are places to get free notes, so exist websites made to help employers spot forgeries. Check these out too and look through them to ensure you avoid amateur mistakes.

It’s also a good idea to avoid any templates that uses catchphrases and generic statements. If it sounds like a pamphlet from your local union, your employer is probably not going to believe it. It’s also strange to have notes that are incomplete. Similarly, it’s a bad idea to consider forging a back to work release; in virtually all cases, it’s best to listen to your doctor when he says to keep off work for a prescribed period of time, or else you can risk both legal problems and your own health.

Making a Quality Note

Before committing to a free doctors note, it’s a good idea to look at a real note. These are often noted down on small papers, such as a prescription pad. They’ll always come with a letterhead, which has the name of the doctor as well as the address and phone number. Depending on the illness, you may also elect to note a specialty listed up top as well. There is also a watermark on any doctor’s pad, meant to help authenticate the writing and ensure it cannot be copied.

As such, any quality online template will also mark the same kinds of properties. Ultimately, your goal is to have a note that’s so authentic that nobody will question it when presented. The better it looks, the less likely someone will think something’s wrong.

Verifiable Notes

Although employers are no longer able to get the specifics of your doctor’s note when calling for verification thanks to HIPAA, they still have the option to call up and verify whether or not a location exists. As a result, it’s important to only get a note from someone who also has a verification center, which is a place that will answer any phone calls employers may make to verify the location.

Because your employer cannot ask questions about your health condition, nor whether you have even had an appointment with the doctor, this greatly limits the questions he or she can ask, providing a bigger safety buffer for you.

How Does It Work?

Once you’ve found the best template and pieced together the right information, you just need to download and print it, giving it to your employer. Many people still worry if this is a good idea that will succeed, but most employers don’t even look twice at the paper, filing it away and simply noting your absence. If you submit too many notes in a short period of time, then they may start to become more suspicious and want to see additional information and documentation for verification. Take care with your timing, and you’ll be in the clear.