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Quick Guide: Fillable Doctors Notes for Work

A doctor's note for work is a type of letter that doctors write and give to their patients, in order for them to get an extension on the time they can miss from work. These fillable doctors notes are necessary when someone has been absent from work due to illness or other reasons like treatments.

In general, these letters should be requested at least three days before one would need it so there is enough time for getting it done. The doctor only needs basic information about why the patient was unable to come into work and how long he/she will be out.

In this guide, we show you how to fill online forms.


Fillable Doctors Note for Work: Quick guide on how to complete fillable doctor excuse form

fillable doctors note

fillable doctors note


The following information may vary based on company requirements but remains integral parts of any fillable doctor's excuse template for work purposes: date; full legal name; address; occupation description (for example, 'janitor' or 'electrician'); contact phone number(s) (including cell phone number).

Any additional requirements on the company level (i.e. ID card, full-time employee) should be provided in this section as well. The employer will need to know if you are an hourly or salaried worker and any other pertinent information, they may have questions about such as your branch of specialty within a field or department for which you work at a particular organization.

If applicable, there is also an explanation of why requested time off must be granted with a fillable doctor excuse note form: 'I am unable to come into work because I cannot walk due to my injury.' This would pertain specifically to requesting bereavement leave from work following the death of a family member(s) when absence is considered excused by law enforcement.

A fillable doctor's note for work should also include any pertinent information pertaining to the medical condition or injury that is being reported on the fillable form. This would be written in a manner that clearly outlines all symptoms, including 'headache' and 'leg pain,' with a description of severity ranging from mild to moderate discomfort. The recipient's name(s) who will need verification of illness (i.e., your supervisor), as well as their contact number(s).

The last section includes how long you are requesting time off: one day, two days, three days; seven consecutive working days per month; indefinitely until recovery is complete. Then your signature will be required.

This is usually a printable best fake doctors note in a PDF form that you can fill to seek an excuse from school or work. It includes your contact information, health condition.

Fill-in-Blank Doctors Note Templates: Tips on how to fill out the Doctor excuse forms on the internet

Although these forms are fairly straightforward and self-explanatory, there are some tips one should take into account when filling out these types of forms in order to avoid any errors such as omitting important information or misspelling words:

Find a reliable site

Find a good website with reliable templates. This is the most important step as it allows you to access easy and affordable templates.


Fill out the date of absence. The dates in this section correspond to when the employee was absent from work, not when they received treatment for their illness.


Include a reason why you are being absent. This should be brief and only state what exactly needs to be stated such as “Sick” or “Laceration on the forearm." Do not use vague terms like "I'm sick" or "Stomach ache".


List your name, address, city, phone number, and social security number in this area at the bottom of the form with lines provided for each so that there is no confusion about who filled it out. If these areas do not apply to you then simply leave them blank instead of writing in irrelevant information.

Go through again

  • Proofread to ensure all information is correctly filled in.
  • Press done once finished
  • Not you are ready to download and print

Doctors Note Template: Can I make my own doctor's note?

Yes, you can create your own doctor's note. In many cases, people will use a generic template with their information in it and just edit the wording to provide what is needed for that situation.

A typical format would be to list: name, date of birth, employer (or another provider), reason why they could not come to work on a such-and-such day(s) or event from 12/29 through 01/02 inclusive.

Then as an afterthought mention, any additional days missed due to illness during the same time frame in parentheses - so if someone took off two extra days because they were feeling under the weather but still went into work on Monday and Tuesday this week, those would be listed at the end in parentheses.

The last line would be a note from the doctor giving approval for the person to miss work. This should include their name, license number, and the date they signed it (or took off).

It is important that this document remain confidential as these templates are not usually meant for public use. If someone were to see them without any context or knowledge of what was going on with that particular employee or employer, then they could misinterpret the information in an unfavorable way.

Physical disability note

You may need a disability card in some places. Such a certificate may not be necessary for others.

Fake Doctors Note: Can employers verify doctors' notes?

In our day and age, many people find themselves in need of a doctor's note. The reasons vary widely- from needing to get out of work due to an illness or injury, the recent birth of a child, taking care of aging parents -but one thing is true: it can be difficult for someone who doesn't know what they're doing. If you're looking for ways to fake your way through this request without being caught by HR.

When looking for a sick leave, it's crucial to find medical service from a health professional, just in case the employer asks.

Employer requirements

  • An employer may ask for more than just a note from one physician if they are not satisfied with it. For example, some employers may call the physician on staff at work or even request records from their primary care provider when there has been no known diagnosis yet.
  • If you provide them with evidence like this then HR will be less likely to notice any inconsistencies in your story as well as possible discrepancies between what your physicians' notes say and what you are telling them.

Can I make a fake doctor's excuse?

Making a fake doctor's excuse is not very hard to do. All you need is some paper, a pen and about one minute of your time. The more detailed information you provide as far as dates go will help create a believable document that looks authentic enough of which people would think is real at first glance - especially if it has all been filled out in perfect cursive.

You will also need to fill out the person's name, date of birth, and medical insurance provider. This is so when they give it over to their boss or whoever else that needs proof, it looks believable enough for them not to question its authenticity as much - sometimes people think doctors' notes are always missing information about these things anyway.

Is it illegal to make a fake doctor's note?

The answer to this question depends on what you mean by "fake." If your doctor's note were not in fact written by a physician, then there would be potential legal ramifications if the person who falsely claimed he wrote it was actually charged with fraud. But according to attorney Sam Himmelstein of Lawyerist, "you can't prosecute someone just for making up a fake excuse like that because they're only hurting themselves."

Nonetheless, doing so can still land people in trouble at work or cause other problems: A woman whose boss requested she turn over her medical records after refusing to let her use FMLA leave found herself fired when he discovered she had fabricated an entire hospital stay and diagnosis.

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