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Feeling Fabulous Playing Hooky

Is the day too beautiful to be inside? Or is there something particular you would like to do but work is calling? This article will give you hints on how to have a fabulous work day off with your boss and coworkers none the wiser.

Play It Cool

When calling in, be smart. Don't call in on holidays, Fridays or Mondays. Calling in on those days would be a dead give away to your coworkers. Plan to call in on a slower day during the workweek. That's right calling in should be properly thought out. Spur of the moment decisions rarely work. Playing it smart and safe will ensure a great day of hooky for you and a stress free return to work the next day with no one the wiser. To learn more check out our homepage at

When making the call, stick to a simple reason for not coming to work. Stomach issues, car trouble, and a family emergency are some good excuses to skip work that won't require too much in depth information. Keep your answers as simple as possible. Don't go into a wordy explanation; that's a deal breaker every time. And if your calling in sick, sound sick! Perform jumping jacks or run in circles to get that breathless, weak sounding, sick voice. Doing this will help make your excuse to skip work even more believable.

Where Are You Heading?

If you use a good excuse to skip work, don't ruin it by getting caught. Remember to be cautious. Don't travel to the places that you would usually hang with a coworker. There is a 50/50 chance of getting spotted and caught on someone's smartphone, and then you would have to explain your way out of a mess.

Think of the days you would play hooky as mini vacations, and what would you do on vacation? Go away! Choose a small day trip to see an attraction you've been waiting to see, eat at that restaurant that sounds so good, visit the shops you haven't been to in a while. Have a new experience! Take pictures if you want. But don't post them to social media, someone in your workplace always finds them, and then your excuse to skip work would have been used in vain.

Guilt-Free Day

If you are going to play hooky, don't feel guilty! Walking around all day with guilt after calling in will ruin your experience. You may as well go into work instead of using that good excuse. Remember, most every employers have sick days for a reason. Use them! You only live life once, so you might as well enjoy!

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