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Why a Fake Doctors Note Generator Doesn't Work

Everything You Need to Know on Using a Dr. Excuse Generator


People have been devising ways to get out of work ever since work was invented. There's no real harm in it- workers and bosses are both in on the game. Everyone knows that it's unrealistic to expect people to devote their lives to working day after day without any breaks. In addition, the vacation and sick days that most employers provide nowadays are not generous, so coming up with a creative way to get out of work is nothing more than healthy self-preservation. By the way, for a free doctor's note, check out our exclusive page here.

There is a Solution for You

One of the most popular means of doing this is by making a fake doctor's note. A doctor's note has the authority to get you out of work for a day or more depending on the condition that is listed on the form. The key to a good fake doctor's note is that it has to be good enough to look real on that initial check. Most people just look at notes once and then file them away and forget about them. Notes have to be convincing enough to survive the initial glance because if the boss finds out the note is fake, there could be real consequences.

Quality is Important

There are a lot of suppliers of fake notes out there now, because so many people want to use them. Unfortunately, that means some of those suppliers are going to be selling poor-quality notes. This is most apparent in the examples of sellers that use fake doctors note generator software to make their notes, instead of creating them by hand. The resulting notes frequently don't look real for several reasons.

Computer Generated Signatures Don't Work

First of all, it is very hard to replicate a good signature without a human hand writing on paper. A computer-generated signature runs the risk of looking artificial, and that signature is the key to the whole template. It is basically the most important element for authenticity, so it has to be right. Generators make signatures that always look a little off- they are printed oddly on the paper, or they don't look like they were written by a person.

Cheap Isn't the Answer

The notes also frequently have issues because they use cheap designs for the masthead and watermark of the document. A real doctor's office would take those seriously, because they represent the practice. A fake doctor's note generator uses low-quality designs for these elements to save money, and frequently it shows. Any kind of strange pixelation or distortion in the watermark or masthead will look off to anyone who sees the note, even if they are just glancing at it.

All of these problems add up to big risks when it comes to generated notes. Essentially, the people who sell notes from generators are trying to convince you that it is better to go cheap and get a lot of notes than to get a few high-quality ones. But that really does not make any sense, because when you use a fake doctor's form, you are only using it once and you don't use them that often. So what exactly do they expect you to do with all of your cheap notes? It is much better to only have a few notes and make them good. That way, when you actually decide that you want to use them, you can do so in safety.

The Risk is On You

There are some big potential risks if you get caught using a fake note. Depending on your employer, you can face penalties or even be fired. Those risks go up if you are using a fake slip that you got from a generator. Those simply are not good enough to fool anyone who looks closely. That is what makes them such a poor choice - there is nothing wrong with trying to find a bargain, but these notes are so bad that they are just not worth it. A day off is not worth losing your job, so spend a little bit of extra money and get a good note whose quality you can trust.  You might want to check out our main article on doctor's notes.

Make Your Document Look Good

If you know that your note looks good, you can be more confident when you hand it in. In the end, it comes down to a personal decision. How much risk are you willing to take on for this day off? How much extra are you willing to pay to get a good form that won't get you caught? It really does not take much extra time or money to get a really good fake note, so do yourself a favor and splurge a little. That way, you can be sure that your slip will not get you in trouble and you can enjoy your day off in peace. After all, if you spend your time off being afraid that they will check your note, then you are not really enjoying it at all.  You can also read this article for good doctor's note info.


Do Free Doctor Note Generators Work?

We do not recommend risking the use of a dr. excuse generator found online for free.  Its just too dangerous.  Many people are using these to get out of work or school and are facing risky consequences, such as termination from school or from their employer.  The best method is to use a form from a paid site found online.  They have track records and are proven to work.  They also have signed documents that look incredibly authentic.

Is there a signature generator?

There might be some tools online that allow you to create a fake signature. However, we do not recommend it. Many look very artificial and are not convincing at all.   Instead, check out our product and you'll see that you can download the signed notes.  They are hand written and look incredibly professional.   They also print very well from a home printer.

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