What is a doctor’s note?

A doctor’s note, also known as a doctor’s excuse, is a document that indicates that an individual has seen (or will see) a doctor [1].  Despite what other websites claim, it is not a legal document and does not usually state a doctor’s diagnosis.  Instead, it usually simply states the restrictions the patient must adhere to.  Doctor’s notes are usually required by human resources to excuse an individual from missing work or school.

These documents can come in many shapes in sizes and can vary dramatically from medical facilities.  Sometimes they are called sick notes or medical certificatesNever attempt to use a free one found online, as it could result in termination (as they are not modeled after real notes). 

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So you know where to get a good doctor excuse template (us), and you just want an excuse for being out of school for one day, right? Great! But, now what? How do you fill it out in a way that makes it seem convincing? How do you make it look at as real as possible?

On the following page, we will be highlighting the five tips to make your fake hospital note (aka doctor’s note) template look authentic and incredibly convincing.  Read these tips and follow them while filling your blank doctor’s note template.


Doctors Excuse Template Tricks and Tactics

Rule #1: Do not make your fake doctors excuse template too perfect

A fake doctor's noteWant to get busted?  Don’t get caught.

A good way to get caught is to try to make your note look absolutely perfect.  Sounds counter-intuitive, right? [2]

Crazy but true: insurance companies sometimes send medical records that look ‘too perfect’ to their fraud department to check and make sure the records are real. You see – you have to know one thing: the specialist’s offices are busy places. In many offices, the doctor will only give you fifteen minutes of his/her time for an exam. So if you want your doctor’s note to look convincing, do not make it look too perfect.

If you want to learn how to make a fake doctors note look real, it must look like someone did it in a hurry —  NOT like someone spent many hours making it look ‘legit’. It is okay to spend some time on it, but it should not look like you spent a lot of time on it.  In other words, it should look like it was written by someone with too much work to do and too little time to do it (the sample letter to excuse a child from school or employee from work is as shown in the image).

You see, medical offices are not in the business of producing perfect paperwork. They are in the business of taking care of patients. Their records are not going to be judged like a high school essay (i.e. – having perfect punctuation and perfect margins). So do not consciously (or unconsciously) apply your school’s standards when crafting the papers of this document. That is the wrong way to do this. Medical records exist to support the process of taking care of patients. The information needs to be useful and readable, but it should never look ‘too pretty’.

Rule #2: Do not ever use white-out on the phony doctor’s excuse template

This might be common sense, but it is illegal to use “white-out” on medical records. No legitimate note should have white-out on it. If you make a mistake, either make a mark through it and initial the mistake or print off a new one and start over.

Real medical records keep their mistakes and mark that it was a mistake. They correct the information, but they do not ever use white-out to cover it up. If white-out is used on dr excuse for school letter, there is something fishy going on. Again – you should never use if you want it your form to look authentic.

Rule #3: Sign the phony medical document as illegible as possible

Doctor's handwriting.

Doctors have the worst handwriting and they typically pay a secretary to do a lot of the office work that involves communications. The bad handwriting of doctors is practically legendary. So to make sure your note looks legit, make sure the signature is not readable. Bonus: If they cannot read it, they cannot call the doctor to check up on you.

One old-fashioned trick is to try signing the doctor’s note template with your non-dominant hand. That means your left hand if you are right-handed or your right hand if you are left-handed. Try writing it as rapidly as possible. Trying signing it after having a drink (or two) or after holding ice cubes in your hand until your fingers are numb. Try getting a friend with bad handwriting to sign it (just make sure it is a friend who can keep a secret and won’t judge you for using a fake doctor’s note).

Get creative. Have fun.  Don’t hurt yourself, but find some way to make a really bad signature!

Another option is with bestfakedoctorsnotes.net: when you opt for the ‘security package’ you can get pre-signed doctors notes.  The signatures look super authentic and print perfectly from any regular color printer.

Rule #4: Change the format of the template if you change doctors

If you’re concerned with how to make your fake medical records look like real templates from real hospitals, don’t worry. If you read medical records from different offices all over the country, you’ll find trends. You see, various regions (or a particular office) may have standardized formats, but medical records are not standardized. They can look wildly different from one file to the next.  So, in a nutshell, they have some similarities but for the most part are very different from each other.

If you use the same doctor each time (or if you are going to say they are all part of the same practice), then – of course – use the same formatting on each of your notes. But if you hurt your foot last time and listed a podiatrist and now you are listing some other ailment that a podiatrist would not treat, then – of course – do not use the exact same formatting. In other words, if they go through your school records and see that you have been to half a dozen different doctors, yet all the forms look exactly alike, they will get suspicious.

These are the things you must consider:  Is this the same doctor you used last time? Is it a different doctor? If necessary, make copies and keep your own set at home. If you are going to do this more than once, make sure you know what you have submitted in the past.

Rule #5: Use a little medical jargon before submitting the fake dr excuse template

Like most serious professions, doctors learn specialized words to do their job. These specialized words often have very specific meanings. It helps to make sure that they communicate as clearly as humanly possible in nerve-wracking situations where a life may be on the line. Because they talk and write this way all day, every day, it becomes secondhand.

So make sure your note is not written in plain English. Write your initial draft in plain English, but then look up standard medical phrases and abbreviations and translate your note into standard medical jargon. That will help make it look like something an actual doctor would write.

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What Information Should a Dr Excuse Template Contain?

The hospital work/school excuse letter is a document and must be written in a way that shows the real issues and the exact decision (or prescriptions) given by the doctor. There are a lot of types of formats used while writing a doctor’s note for work/school, and they can be seen all over the web. The medical note template is a simple letter for documenting any medical advice to a patient who is an employee of an organization or student of any school.

A doctor’s note contains some vital information. It is important to note that any doctors note must contain the full information including:

  • Name of the doctor
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Name of the employee

Along with all this information, it should also include when the document was issued along with the doctor’s medical advice. The medical advice will include when the employee will be fit to return to work, what restrictions he/she has, and usually a time/date of medical consultation.

As mentioned earlier, doctor’s notes can look dramatically different from one doctor to the next, but they always have some of the key elements (listed above).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about a Printable Work Excuse Template

What is a doctor’s note?

A doctor’s note is a general term for any work/school excuse document that is provided by a doctor.  It is usually written on a small piece of paper and includes details such as hospital/clinic address, doctor’s name, date patient seen, date released and restrictions for you (the patient) if any.  They come in all shapes and sizes and have many different names — sometimes they are called a doctor’s excuse, doctor’s note template, etc.  The very best are in MS-Word (Microsoft Word) format, while in some cases they are in PDF format.  Others can be in fill-in-the-blank HTML format for easy editing.  MS Word notes found online are the most promising because they allow the most flexibility for customizing them for work or school.

Never use a free note, ever.

What is a fake doctor’s note?

It is a note that you acquire from someplace outside of a doctor’s office.  It is designed to look exactly like a real doctor’s note, including elements such as watermarks, signatures, stamps, logos, etc. These documents can be acquired online easily, but we highly recommend only getting them from trusted sources.

Is a doctor’s excuse a legal document?

Please check with an attorney about that one.

However, many people believe that a fake doctor’s excuse is an illegal document. However, it is completely wrong. People are allowed to show a doctor’s note in their companies if they were ill. A doctor’s excuse note is widely used by employees in case of an emergency such as illness or any other physical or mental health problem. But, showing a fake doctor’s note can create problems for you if you got caught. So, before using the one always make sure that your note looks 100% genuine and authentic.

However, mimicking a real hospital or doctor’s name might, however, be illegal. So be careful.

Can I get blank printable doctors excuse template?

Yes. Many websites over the internet offer such forms or templates.  Many give you options to choose the template that fits your needs.  Many of these dr. note templates (like ours) have been designed by studying authentic and genuine excuse letters.  If you find a note for free online,  download it first to carefully check authenticity.  Why? Because you may face severe consequences if your employer/school authority finds them fake! Learn more about printable doctors notes.

What information does a  return to work note template usually include?

A medical excuse note states that you have been present at the doctor’s clinic and underwent medical treatments. Generally, these papers include your name, doctor’s name, hospital name, address, dates on which you received treatment and dates when you can re-join the work. Some templates also come up with a space for notes where the doctor will discuss your specific situation justifying the request for leave.

Is it OK to show a printed doctor excuse letter instead of a hand-written one?

Yes. Doctors are very busy people: they have to attend many patients, surgeries, conferences., etc. Due to their bustling schedule, many doctors nowadays prefer to use printable documents or letters rather than handwritten (ie on a prescription form). So if you have a printable doctor excuse note, do not worry about it.   As long as its genuine-looking, no one will doubt you.

Can I get free hospital work excuse form?

Yes. But do you really think someone will give you something worthwhile for free without getting something in return? If you check online you will be able to find many websites offering you the fake medical documents for free. But these are not (at all) genuine looking.  Never ever use a free one.  Thousands of people are also using these every day, so employers and professors are well aware of these.

A realistic looking physician’s form is just a starting point. A lot of the magic happens when you fill it out. Develop some best practices so that the final result is as convincing as possible. Learn more about printable doctors excuses.

Is it illegal to fake a doctor’s note?

No. However, submitting a fake doctors note pdf with real-life medical institutions and doctor’s names is probably illegal. It’s best to use fictional names of the medical practitioners and institutions. Also, its always best to use it as a prank. To actually submit to your employer could be illegal. But it is best to check your local laws.

Can an employer legally ask for a note?

Yes, they certainly can, especially after 7 or more unexcused absences.

How many days can you call in sick before you need a note?

In most cases, it is after 7 consecutive days.

How does a person get a sick note?

For most people, it simply requires a visit to a medical practitioner.  However, this often costs a great deal of money (over $100), and if you’re uninsured, it can cost far more.  Another option is to get a novelty doctor’s note online, ideally from a trusted provider (like us).

Can I get fired for calling in sick without a note?

Yes, you certainly can.  If they are suspicious they have every right to ask for a note.  For most people with valid medical visits, it’s easy to produce a doctors note for work absence.

Can you fake a dr. note for school or work?

Yes, you can, for school at least.  You can for work too but mimicking a real-life medical practitioner or medical institution is likely illegal. So please check your local laws.  You can use one at work also, but make sure you pull it off like it was a big joke.

How do you write a doctors excuse letter?

An excuse letter is just another term for dr. note.  There are many different types of notes, forms, excuses, letters, templates, etc.  They all look different from every doctor and every medical facility.   An excuse letter is a bit more intensive than a note, and we recommend a note because it has less information on it and less room to get busted.  However, letters are nice options too and we have many to select from.

Can you get fired for being sick with a medical excuse? Can an employer refuse a note?

To be totally honest, we do not know the full answer to this question.  In some certain situations, it is certainly possible.  It’s best to do a google search on employment law.

Is it illegal to forge a dr. note?

Yes. Signing someone else’s name and using a real hospital is likely illegal.  Will you get into trouble? Likely not — but we do not advocate it. Use fictional information, always.  We do not recommend doing anything illegal.

How do I forge one?

Like we said above, never forge one. It could get you into hot water.

How do sick notes work?

Sick notes simply say that an individual (you) were seen by a doctor on a certain date and may return to work or school with certain medical restrictions if any.  There is usually very little information written on the note, due to HIPAA laws.  It is then signed by the doctor.  It usually has a medical letterhead at the top.  It can take many shapes, from a prescription form to a full page letter.  Sometimes it may also have details such as watermarks, barcodes, etc.

I need a doctors excuse for work from the hospital. How do I get one?

These notes look just like a regular note, only they are often more of a discharge type paper with the hospital’s information on the top. We have many to select from.

I need a return to work template. Where can I get one?

Most notes are basically templates that you simply fill in the blanks. First on the computer, and then you can do your final touches by hand.   Almost all are meant to return to work, so any of these documents will do the trick.

Do employers check on notes?

Often they do not, due to HIPAA laws.  However, they may google a bit about the note if they are suspicious. They also can sometimes call back on the document to verify that you were seen. That is why it is best to have a form with call back verification (this is something we provide).

How do I get a note from a walk in clinic?

You would need to go to the clinic and present fake symptoms. This is not advised.  They see a lot of this, and often this results in a waste of time for both parties.  It is best that you just download one online.

Do doctors charge for a doctor’s note?

Of course, obtaining a doctor’s note from a doctor costs money.  You are seeing a doctor and they must assess and diagnose you before writing a note. You are paying for their time and expertise.   So when you get a note from a doctor, you are paying the doctor for his or her time, not the actual note.

Can you ask for a doctor’s note?

Yes – most people that acquire doctor’s notes simply ask for one.  You must mention that you have to return to work or school with a note and most doctors will happily write you one.


  1.   S. Ashtekar (1 January 2001). Health and Healing: A Manual of Primary Health Care. Orient Blackswan. pp. 576–. ISBN 978-81-250-1624-3. Retrieved 10 January 2013.
  2. “Australian Sick Notes & Medical Certificates”. Retrieved January 11, 2013.

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Nitesh Singh, M.D. is a senior Anesthesiology resident in PSRI hospital, New Delhi, India. Nitesh is the expert authority in doctor’s notes and has been a staff writer at bestfakedoctorsnotes.net for over ten years.  You can learn more about him by visiting his social profiles here: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+