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A doctor’s note is an important document for someone who has a medical issue and may not make it to work or school. It’s written by a medical doctor outlining the condition and all the relevant details.

Today, there are many reasons people may want a sample doctors note for travel cancellation. We always have something that keeps us from performing our daily activities, and such a note should come in handy.

For example, if you want to travel for work-related activities, but you fail due to a medical issue, you can seek a travel cancellation in form of a doctor’s note. This is a document you will present to your employer as one of the reasons you failed to travel.


Doctor's Note for Travel Cancellation

sample doctors note for travel cancellation


A doctor's note for travel cancellation is a letter from a doctor explaining that an individual has a medical condition that will require them to cancel their planned travel.

The most common reason is because of surgery, but this can also include other reasons such as if the person:

-has recently been released from the hospital

-is pregnant and cannot fly during pregnancy or after childbirth (a note must be dated within six weeks before or after the expected date of delivery)

-will have chemotherapy treatment not available in the destination country

Some insurance companies may ask for evidence that you contacted your airline company about receiving refunds for unused tickets. The best fake doctors notes should state what type of surgery was performed, why it prevents you from traveling on scheduled dates, how long recovery time will take, and any applicable contacts for the insurance company.

It is important for your employer to know that you are not trying to avoid going on a business trip, but in fact, need the time off so that you can heal properly after surgery. The form should state whether it was an emergency procedure or planned ahead of time as well as when you will return back to work (if at all). Typically, employers may reimburse their employees up to $500 per incident if they provide medical proof through this type of note.

Sample Doctor's Note for Travel Cancellation: How do I write a doctor excuse note?

A doctor's excuse note for travel cancellation should include the following information:

  • Doctor's name and title
  • Address of doctor's office
  • Telephone number for the doctor's office
  • Date when the illness began (MM/DD)
  • Symptoms, if any, and how long they have been present or worsening (mm: dd)

Concerning circumstances in which the patient became ill. Include as much detail as possible. If specific to the individual with a particular condition, please specify that this is not a general statement about that type of disease.

If a patient is pregnant, the doctor's note should include how long she has been pregnant (mm:dd), and whether or not this illness could affect the baby in any way.


Doctor's name:

Dr. Jane Smith (MD)

Address: 1800 Main Street Suite #333

City, State Zip Code: Houston, TX 77002

Telephone Number for Office Hours on this Date:

My patient became ill last Friday night at approximately 11 pm. She has been experiencing a fever ranging from 101 to 102 degrees, as well as nausea and vomiting. She has been feeling very weak, dizzy, and lightheaded over the past week due to a lack of enough food intake while she is ill.

My patient's pregnancy status: I am not aware of my patient is currently pregnant or not, but there are risks present for both mother and child should she be pregnant

Concerning Circumstances in Which Patient Became Ill?: My patient became sick after eating some bad chicken at a restaurant last Friday night that caused her stomach pain which led to her illness. The symptoms began on Saturday morning with fever/nausea/vomiting and have persisted ever since then.

Reason for cancellation of travel plans? Due to pregnancy

Medical Letter For Airline Refund Sample: Can you cancel a flight with a doctor's note?

Airlines have a long history of coming up with various rules that they think will dissuade people from canceling flights. At one point, you could not cancel your flight if the cancellation was made within 24 hours of departure time.

However, in recent years this has changed and now most airlines can be canceled anytime before it leaves without incurring any penalties and fees. However, some carriers may still charge partial or full booking fees for "no-shows". Typically these are waived when cancellations happen more than 12 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. In addition to paying applicable taxes on their tickets refunded ticket money is usually withheld until after three months following the initial purchase date as per airline policy. But what about a medical letter for an airline refund sample?

You can use a doctor's note to cancel your flight. Just make sure the doctor's note is valid and states that you are unfit to fly due to illness or injury, otherwise they will not accept it

Airlines don't allow any cancellations for people who just want a refund so it's best that you stick with calling them if this is all you need.

If you were traveling for work-related activities, you need to let your employer know that you're not going to be able to make the flight.

Do airlines verify doctors' notes?

If you have a medical certificate that is required for your international flight, airlines and other carriers will expect it to be verified. This verification process varies by company but typically involves contacting the doctor who issued the note to confirm its authenticity.

The contact information on your certificate may not match up with what's in their records so they'll want more details about how long ago it was signed or written out, even though this won't change whether you're able to fly. When there are discrepancies between different forms of identification - like driver's license numbers or dates of birth - they'll only call one party at first before making a final decision; if they don't get an answer from them then they might go ahead and cancel the ticket without refunding any money.

Can you get a flight refund for medical reasons?

Rarely. If a medical emergency requires you to return home early, call your airline and see if they can help with this situation in any way. Airlines have very strict policies on refunds, so the likelihood of getting one is slim to none (although it doesn't hurt to ask). But don't worry - as long as you get all the paperwork filed promptly with US Customs and Border Protection before heading anywhere, there's no penalty for an early departure.

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