Blank Doctor’s Note: The Ultimate Blueprint

The struggle is real for working people…

• Most working people work out of necessity.
• Most working people spend more time at work than at home.
• Most working people make less money than their efforts are worth.

…and for the students…

• Most students go to school because they have to.
• Most students bring their external problems to school.
• Most students are taking more standardized tests than ever.

As a result, most working people and students are physically tired, stressed out, overwhelmed, and lethargic. Yet, employers and school officials expect their paid employees to report to work and their students to fill in the classrooms. But sometimes,

• You need a break from it all.
• You need to take a step back and re-assess.
• You need to attend to some important but non-emergency personal business.
• You need to take care of the whole you.
• You just don’t feel like going to work or school.

So, what can you do when you feel this way? Take a sick day! All employers offer a certain number of sick days to each of their workers. All schools allow students to miss a day or two when needed. But there is a catch; you will need a medical note. For workers, you will not get paid for the absence without one; for students, your absence will not be excused without one, which may affect your grades. Plus, going to the doctor’s office for no major reason can be a waste of time and money.

The dilemma is you feel like you need to miss a day from work or school, yet you don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting an actual printable dr. note. So, why not just create a fake note? With the great accessibility of computers and internet, you can create your own customized medical note using word processing software, photo-shopping software, and some ingenuity. In fact, you may be able to make a legitimate yet successful business out of creating and selling fake excuse notes. To do so, consider following the guidelines of The Ultimate Blank Doctors Note Blueprint.

What It Is?

The Ultimate Blank Doctors Note Blueprint, simply called “the blueprint” hence forward, will show you how to craft the perfect medical note on your own. To do this, you should consider the following questions:

• What is in an actual medical note?
• How and where will you get a logo and/or letterhead from?
• Do you have adequate equipment to type and print this note?
• What will happen if your note is followed-up by your employer or school? How would handle that?

Your fake medical note must appear to look and be legit at all cost (including a great letterhead)! In crafting one, paying attention to details is vital! Following the blueprint can help you pull it off!

How Do You Write a Blank Doctors’ Note?

According to the blueprint, this is how you craft the perfect medical note.

Know your job or school’s sick time policy. Refer to your employee or student handbook for information about its sick time policy. Read it and be familiar with its rules.
Play the sick role. Before returning to work with your fake note, stick with your lie. Have some basic knowledge of your alleged sickness; so you will know how to respond if asked about your condition by your boss or school official.
Research, review, and replicate. Find and collect several types of real medical notes. Notice the wording, logo, letterhead information, doctor’s signature, watermarked design in the background, etc. and duplicate them in your note.
Align your note to your circumstances. Be sure your alleged illness matches the time you took off. Otherwise, this will be a noticeable red flag to your boss or school official.
Keep it simple. Most real medical notes are clear and concise. Do not include the medical condition in your note.
Save you note for another time. Once you crafted your fake note, save it on your computer. You can treat it as a template to use again at a later time. You can easily make revisions on your original note to re-use again.
Be sure your note is verifiable. Most of the time, if your note is crafted right and look authentic, employers and school administrations will not bother verifying the note. Yet, some will and you have to be prepared for that. Having a voicemail system or a trusted friend in place to answer the calls and validates the information is a possible solution to this problem.
Use with moderation. Don’t abuse your fake note! Missing too many days will motivate your superiors to look deeper into these absences, even if you have a verifiable mechanism in place.

Why Would You Write One?

Indeed, there are several online websites that provide fake excuse documentation services. However, some are legitimate and some are not. Perhaps you don’t have the time to research these businesses. Perhaps you may not have the funds to pay for this service. Perhaps you don’t want to take a chance you paid for. If you have your own computer with internet access, why not create your own fake note? Besides, at least for now, you can create one note, save it, and customize it again for another time. If you want to build a business doing this, you will have to create several specialized fake note templates for medical reason, jury duty, funerals, and a generic return-to-work note.

Why Should You Write One?

Your mother once told you there will be days like this when you will…

• Become tired of being sick and tired,
• Have to get away,
• Need to re-group, or
• Feel like doing nothing.

Having a well-crafted fake note at your disposal is a hassle-free life saver. Following the steps in The Ultimate Blank Doctors Note Blueprint will assist you in creating an authentic-looking fake note that you can use over and over. The hardest part is making your first note; you will have to put in some work. Once that is done, it is easy breezy from there.

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