Alternative Payment Options

We are sorry to hear your order is being declined. We have a few options of alternative ways to pay.


  • Option #1 - Send cash in the mail - You can send us cash in the mail by using your smart phone to record a brief, few-second video of you putting cash in an envelope and putting it into a public mailbox. Make sure the video shows you putting the cash in the envelope, and then the envelope being inserted into a mailbox. After recording, send us the video at Our address is:
  • Option #2 - Fax or Email us your credit card information - You can take a picture of your credit card and fax it to us. Make sure to include both sides.  We will destroy all proof of your credit card after sending it to us. We are an honest business and will not scam.
  • Option #3 - Call our 800 number and we can manually enter your card -  Please consider the other two options first, however, as this option puts us at the highest risk.