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Our testimonials are 100% real and are not fabricated in any way. Some names may be changed to protect our customers.
“..I’ve used them for numerous things now. It worked very well for me. I used the dentist note… worked out perfectly…”
- Debra Jackson, Houston, TX
“..All I can really say is that I am very pleased. I got them right away and they were very easy to edit…it’s a beautiful thing…”
-James K., Bassett, NE
“..I was very happy with how real the notes looked and the variety that I could choose from…”
-Travis K., Sunbury, Pennsylvania
“..I definitely recommend this product. 10/10.”
-C.S., New Jersey
"..I did not have the money to go to a doctor. By using the fake doctor’s note I was actually able to have a pass for (legitimately) being sick…"
-Carly V., Avon, Ohio
“..Your product was the only product that looked realistic and had a guarantee. It showed ever characteristic of actually coming from a hospital or a doctor’s office… “
-Laurie M., Waco, TX
“..He (my teacher) never questioned me about anything…”
-Jasmin K., Bronx, NY
“..No questions asked. It looked very legitimate. The best note that worked for me was the ‘excuse from work’ note. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to take off of work but cannot afford to go to the doctor.”
-Afyia J., Tallahassee, FL
“The doctor note I had purchased helped me tremendously, especially with school… good notes.”
-Jason F., San Jose, California
“Thank you so much for the doctor’s notes… saved my butt — so professional. Thank you so much you guys!”
-S.O., Ohio
“Your product had worked perfectly. I had no issues with turning it in..”
- A.K., Tennessee
“It was great — once I purchased the product I had immediate access…. all types of doctor’s notes – one for every need. Worked great for me….”
– S.S., Dallas TX
“I was really really impressed with them. The notes looked legit. Easy and simple and in my email within 5 minutes.”
– P.D., Unknown
“Turned one in the next day and I was fabulously surprised and happy with the fact that I could personalize them…….. Glad you guys are there – thanks!”
– J.Fischer, Oregon
“..At first I was a little nervous about it… worked so far for me. I’d recommend it to anybody…”
– Dawn D., Hawaii
“..Easy to communicate — Emmitt Streat made things so easy.. great customer service in opposed to ‘that other site…
– Dawn D., Hawaii (Continued)
“Thank you for your product. It truly saved my life… it saved my job any way. I missed work for about 6 days and there was no way I could get a doctor’s note… Thank you so much, I would be out of work otherwise.”
– Adam W., United Kingdom
“I honestly think that this website saved my life. Otherwise I probably would’ve gotten fired from my job. Thanks for all your help.”
– Allee F., California
“..The notes were authentic and turned out especially well… definitely i would recommend this to anyone who finds themselves in a jam.. it worked, thanks!”
– Steph. S., Houston, TX
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