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Thank you for visiting the help area.  We’re sorry to hear you’re having a few issues with the notes. Don’t worry, they are super easy to work with and they will work for you.  If you’re like most of the people who have had issues with the product, your answers will be resolved by reading this FAQ and watching the videos.

*** PLEASE do not email us until you’ve read the following FAQ and also WATCHED BOTH VIDEOS, as seen at the bottom of this document! ***
I can’t edit the notes. Why can’t I edit the notes?

Our notes are available in two different types: 1.) in HTML (new) and 2.) Microsoft Word.  The HTML notes are the easiest to edit (its easy to change names, dates, etc.) However if you want to make major changes, the MS Word notes are the best option.

Most likely, you cannot edit the notes because you are not using Microsoft Word (MS Word). Most computers today come equipped with a copy of MS Word. If your computer does not have MS Word, you can get a free 60-day trial of it here. Once you have MS Word installed, the notes should open and be editable.

If you do not want to get Word, you can also use OpenOffice, available here. Please be aware, however, that the notes may need adjustments in OpenOffice. They open the best in Microsoft Word.
Lastly, you can also now use Google Docs. Google docs is free and easy. Its located here. You must have a gmail account to get into Google docs. We are now recommending Google docs above OpenOffice.

Another point – some notes have areas that are NOT editable — and are actually images. These areas are meant to be filled in by hand. You can also remove images, such as logos, if you wish. How to do this is shown in the training videos (below).

Lastly, you can also use the PDF versions of the notes. These notes are the least editable but will open on basically any computer. The PDF notes can be accessed at the bottom of the download page. Yes you CAN edit the PDF files by clicking the area you want to edit (address, etc.). The PDF notes are OK at best. We highly recommend just getting to a library or print shop and opening your email there to edit the notes. You can also print them with the highest quality printers at a print shop.

I cannot edit the notes, and I DO have Microsoft Word. How do I do it?

This is a strange and rare occurrence, but we occasionally have a customer who has this problem. Please get to a computer (besides your own) and use it to open your email to access the notes.

There are publicly available computers at libraries and print shops around the United States and Canada. The notes WILL open there as they open on about 98% of all computers we’ve sent them to.

Please also make sure you’ve tried the PDF versions of the notes. They are located on the download page (near the bottom). These are not as editable as the MS Word versions, but may be an option if you cannot get to another computer.

But once again we recommend using Google Docs to edit the notes is MS Word isn’t available. However, we cannot guarantee they will open 100% free of error.

I want to edit the notes on my computer, but I do not have Microsoft Word (MS-Word).

You must download the free trial of MS Word (located here). That is the best option. If for some reason you cannot do that, you may  want to try (located here), or Google Docs (located here) and the PDF Notes (located at the download page).  If you cannot do these things, please get to another computer at a print shop, library or friend’s house.  If you are unwilling to do this, please don’t bother us with any emails or questions.

I want to use Google Docs to open the notes, how can I do it?

We’ve viewed some of our notes with Google Docs. When we last checked, they opened just fine using Google Docs. Google docs opens MS Word files. Our notes are MS Word files. Google Docs is free.

To open with Google Docs, please make sure you have a Gmail account (Free). Then do the following:

1.) Click the note you wish you download
2.) The call back verification warning will popup. Sign up for call back verification. If you wish to do it later, skip it. Now right click ‘No Thanks’ link and go to “Save Link As”.
3.) Save the note to your computer’s desktop.
4.) Upload the note to Google Docs.
5.) View the note in Google Docs, and delete the instructions.
6.) Print the note and set up call back verification.

Its that easy.

How do I change the logo and the graphics?

To learn how to do this, along with other advanced tricks, watch the two videos below.

I want a refund because I can’t open the notes.

No problem. Please contact us and we’ll give you a prompt refund.

The notes say PA on them. I am not from Pennsylvania.

PA stands for professional organization. Medical offices and law firms across the USA use this abbreviation.

More Questions? Please See Our Main FAQ

Our main FAQ is mainly for people who have not yet purchased the notes. However, it may be able to answer some of your other questions.

Click here to access it.