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Thank you for visiting the help area.  We’re sorry to hear you’re having a few issues with the notes. Don’t worry, they are super easy to work with and they will work for you.  If you’re like most of the people who have had issues with the product, your answers will be resolved by reading this FAQ and watching the videos.

*** PLEASE do not email us until you’ve read the following FAQ and also WATCHED BOTH VIDEOS, as seen at the bottom of this document! ***
I can’t edit the notes. Why can’t I edit the notes?
I cannot edit the notes, and I DO have Microsoft Word. How do I do it?
I want to edit the notes on my computer, but I do not have Microsoft Word (MS-Word).
I want to use Google Docs to open the notes, how can I do it?
How do I change the logo and the graphics?
I want a refund because I can’t open the notes.
The notes say PA on them. I am not from Pennsylvania.

More Questions? Please See Our Main FAQ

Our main FAQ is mainly for people who have not yet purchased the notes. However, it may be able to answer some of your other questions.

Click here to access it.